The classification of industrial stainless steel pipe fittings

Industrial stainless steel pipe fittings refers to the connection of two parts of the pipeline or other pipe fittings items, is an important industrial pipe fittings, including tee, cross, elbow, reducer, head, flange, belonging to the fabricated metal products industry . Many types of industrial metal fittings, according to different standards can be divided into different types. According to the current stage of China’sstainless steel pipe fittings manufacturing enterprises of the product classification standards, according to its function will be divided into industrial stainless steel pipe fittings: stainless steel elbow, stainless steel flange, stainless steel tee, stainless steel cross and stainless steel reducer.

Table 1: Classification of industrial stainless steel pipe fittings


The main content

Stainless steel elbow

Used for turning the pipe

Stainless steel flange

A part for interconnecting the pipe and the pipe is connected to the pipe end

Stainless steel tee

For the three pipes where the collection

Stainless steel cross

For the four pipes where the collection

Stainless steel reducer

For the different diameter pipe connected to the two places

Industrial stainless steel pipe fittings are mainly used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, natural gas, shipbuilding, electric power, medicine, gas, heat and other industries, especially in the industry, especially in the industrial, industrial, industrial pipe fittings products with strong special features, high added value and wide application characteristics. Rock gas, marine engineering and nuclear power and other emerging areas of great space, the prospects should be optimistic.

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