Technology for producing stainless steel flange by

Technology for producing stainless steel flange

With regard to the core of the stainless steel flange head producing method, we based on gb elbow, such as long radius elbow, will be selected first specification, the pipe material is put forward; The hole enlargement ratio, through theoretical calculation, the general hole enlargement rate between 33% and 35%, push back.

And then a series of finishing process, through shot peening processing, remove iron oxide on the surface of the elbow inside and outside, put on both ends of welding groove processing in order to implement. Through the relevant examination, type steel words, after spray paint and packaging, can go to the factory.
Stainless steel flange is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel flange is 304, 316 for the material of all kinds of stainless steel flange, including flat welding flange and butt weld flange and so on. It is by the head or a horn core mandrel, mandrel from fine to coarse, push the system process is a process with a curved hole diameter. Back support, under the section through the mandrel, behind a memorial arch frame to fix mandrel. Outside the core rod, induction coil, there is a heat pipe, heat is good, and then push the pipe under the car, good processing a.

Described above, is 24 “the following quotation for seamless steel tube as raw materials of elbow production methods, namely later than 24” of more than 600 mm, maximum Angle between 2.032 m to 2.80 m. The production process of the stainless steel flange is basically these situations.

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