Technical process for connecting the groove Pipe Fittings By

Groove Pipe Fittings is a new kind of steel pipe connection pipe fittings. System is equal to or greater than 100 mm diameter pipelines, flange or the groove pipe fittings should be segmented using connection.

Groove Pipe Fittings connection, only is connected with the pipeline outside surface squeeze a channeling machine groove, and does not destroy the internal structure, which is grooved pipe fittings unique technical advantages. Using traditional welding operation, many walls made pipeline anticorrosive coating will be damaged.

So standard provisions of galvanized pipes and lining plastic pipes, steel plastic composite pipes shall not be used in welding and flange connection, otherwise need secondary processing. Groove Pipe Fittings connection operation is very simple, no special skills, ordinary workers can easily be trained to operate. This is because the technical part of the product will have a lot of fine to dissolve into the finished goods in the factory way.

A Pipe Fitting connection only a few minutes, the maximum simplifies the technical difficulty of site operation, save time, thus the engineering quality is stable, improve the working efficiency.
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