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Stainless steel pipe weld formation defects and causes of defects

Common weld molding defects in stainless steel pipes include incomplete penetration, unmelted table, burn through, undercut and weld. The cause of these defects is often caused by improper groove size, improper selection of welding process specifications, or misalignment of the weld wire to the center of the weld. Incomplete penetration: The phenomenon that the joint root is […]

The overall market trend of stainless steel seamless pipes

First. China’s stainless steel seamless pipe production and consumption trends With the development of China’s economy and the acceleration of industrialization, oil, petrochemical, boiler, nuclear power, military, shipbuilding, fertilizer and other enterprises that have long relied on imported stainless steel pipes have turned their attention to stainless steel pipe products produced by Chinese enterprises. Development and construction […]

Mechanism analysis and prevention of pitting corrosion in weld and heat affected zone of TP304 stainless steel pipe

The stainless steel pipes for condensers and heat exchangers are basically welded pipes. The investigation found that there are many cases of pitting corrosion in stainless steel pipes in the weld and its heat affected zone. At least 5 samples were investigated: 1) 125MW of a power plant in Zhejiang Unit TP304 stainless steel tube condenser. 2) […]

How to mitigate corrosion during installation of stainless steel pipes

The corrosion reaction is unavoidable during the use of stainless steel pipes, so how to alleviate the corrosion is a key aspect of maintenance process. The following article describes the methods of avoiding or alleviating corrosion of stainless steel pipes. Because stainless steel pipes are usually corroded in the circuit, corrosion prevention needs to be started […]

The difference between ERW, DOM, and seamless steel pipe

ERW pipe (resistance welded pipe) The name ERW is because such stainless steel pipes involve certain types of welding processes such as spot welding and seam welding. Seam welding is usually used when manufacturing round, square and rectangular stainless steel pipes. The stainless steel band is unwound from the coil and trimmed to control the width and adjust […]

Treatment of corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipe surface

There are many ways of anticorrosive treatment on stainless steel pipes. By improving the surface treatment methods and processes of stainless steel pipes, many practical applications can be improved. The first is cleaning stainless steel pipe. It can be cleaned with solvent and emulsion, and chemical cleaning agent is recommended to clean the stainless steel pipe […]

Precautions for defects in stainless steel pipes during cold rolling or cold drawing

When stainless steel pipes are cold-drawn or cold-rolled, some defects will inevitably occur. These defects will affect the quality of the finished stainless steel pipe products. Therefore, preventive measures must be taken for the formation of these defects. The quality defects of the cold-drawn stainless steel pipes mainly include uneven wall thickness, outer diameter, surface cracks, surface […]

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