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How to mitigate corrosion during installation of stainless steel pipes

The corrosion reaction is unavoidable during the use of stainless steel pipes, so how to alleviate the corrosion is a key aspect of maintenance process. The following article describes the methods of avoiding or alleviating corrosion of stainless steel pipes. Because stainless steel pipes are usually corroded in the circuit, corrosion prevention needs to be started […]

Welding method of long-distance pipeline

Long-distance pipeline welding method: First, manual welding (1) Arc welding of electrodes is sensitive and cumbersome, and has strong conformability. At the same time, due to the continuous improvement of electrode performance, its deposition efficiency and mechanical properties can still meet the requirements of today’s pipelines. In particular, welding welding is more commonly used. . The […]

Advantages and disadvantages of surface treatment process for stainless steel pipelines

In order to enhance the surface quality of stainless steel pipelines, optimization of the surface morphology and application of structure, reduce the energy level and the number of dielectric layers, need to do some processing on stainless steel pipeline system, mainly divided into mechanical drawing, mechanical grinding, polishing, pickling and passivation, feather cloth light burning blunt, […]

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