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Failure Analysis of Flange Crack

Abstract´╝ÜThere were many radial cracks on the stainless steel flange surface after storing for five years in Nibo. Marco and micro observation, chemical composition analysis and metallurgical examination were carried out to find out the failure cause. The results show that the fracture mode is stress corrosion. The material of the flange is 1Cr17Ni7, but the not […]

Failure analysis of acid washing corrosion of stainless steel flanges

Stainless steel flanges are widely used in ship pipeline engineering because of their good corrosion resistance. As an important part of pipeline connection, they have the advantages of convenient connection, easy to maintain pipeline sealing performance, and easy inspection and replacement of certain pipelines. A certain type of ship has recently purchased a batch of 304 flange. […]

What is a rolled flange?

What is a rolled flange? The rolled flange is cut into slats by the middle plate, and then rolled into a round welded joint and then processed by a flattening process. The coil is made up of cold and hot coils. After processing into a circle, the water line, bolt holes, and stops are processed. This is […]