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Quality inspection of welding elbow

The weld of the welded elbow must be inspected, which is also an important measure to ensure the quality of the weld. After the completion of the elbow welding, the weld joint shall be inspected according to the technical requirements of the product. Any defects that do not meet the technical requirements shall be repaired in time […]

Analysis of corrosion failure mechanism of elbow in return tower of liquefied gas desulfurization unit

Liquefied gas is mainly produced in oilfields and refining and chemical enterprises. It has the characteristics of less pollution, high calorific value, easy transportation and simple storage, so it is widely used in civil, commercial services, industrial production and other fields. Table 1 shows the global supply of liquefied petroleum gas and forecast data from […]

Problems and solutions to the use of bending equipment of stainless steel elbows

The main problem of large stainless steel pipe bending equipment is that the chute can’t move along with the stainless steel pipe, it is difficult to process, and the material is relatively wasteful. For these problems, the following is the improvement plan. Metal forming elbow is a very important part in the production process of the manufacturing, […]