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Material selection for expansion joint of bellows compensator

The bellows compensator expansion joint is widely used in many industries. In addition to considering good compensation capacity, reliability is the key to the bellows compensator expansion joint. However, reliability is ensured through multiple links such as design and manufacturing. Any negligence of any link will lead to the reduction or even failure of the life of […]

Advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel bellows

The stainless steel bellow is installed as a flexible pressure-resistant pipe in a liquid (gas) conveying system to compensate for the connection of pipes or machines and equipment. So what are the advantages of this stainless steel bellows to replace the rubber tube? The following is a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel […]

What is the difference and connection between metal hose and bellows?

Metal hose and bellows compensator main performance similarities and differences: Only air tightness a bellows is better than metal hose. Because the bellows are made of a monolithic material, the metallic hose is a flexible member that is wound with a stainless steel band, so that the problem of slight air leakage cannot be prevented. However, with […]

Analysis of problems encountered in application of stainless steel bellows

Generally speaking, stainless steel bellows in the application may encounter internal leakage or leakage phenomenon, resulting in a lot of reasons, usually due to liquid medium containing solid impurities damage the sealing surface caused by. The causes of valve stem leakage are mainly related to valve structure, working environment and service mode. The structural stem uses stainless […]