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Seamless steel pipe produces eccentricity (uneven thickness) for a reason

The finished products of seamless precision steel pipe will have the problem of uneven eccentric thickness. But how is it produced? Many people have not figured out. Today we will talk about cold drawn steel pipe, cold-rolled steel pipe, hot-rolled steel pipe, etc. The eccentricity of seamless seam steel pipe is generated. Why is the concentricity of […]

Basic knowledge of steel pipe

The classification of steel pipe 1, according to the production method of classification (1) seamless pipe, hot rolled, cold rolled tube, cold drawn tube, extrusion tube, pipe jacking welded pipe (2) (a) according to the technological points – arc welding pipe, electric resistance welding (high frequency and low frequency) and gas welding tube, furnace welding pipe […]

What kind of technical requirements for different purposes of the steel pipe

Usually, according to the purpose of the steel pipe and working condition is different, dealing with the allowable deviation of the size of the steel pipe, surface quality, chemical composition, mechanical properties, process performance and other special performance and so on different technical conditions were put forward. Generally seamless steel pipe is used to transport oil, gas, […]

Seamless steel pipe, hot tension reducing mill steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe what’s the difference between the three of pipe

Seamless steel pipe market competition at present, due to the limitation of its production process, the production cost of seamless steel tube has been high, resulting in the gradual decline in its economic benefit. As China’s metallurgical industry technology progress, instead of the seamless steel tube ­ new products also emergence, so new product whether meet […]