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Material selection for expansion joint of bellows compensator

The bellows compensator expansion joint is widely used in many industries. In addition to considering good compensation capacity, reliability is the key to the bellows compensator expansion joint. However, reliability is ensured through multiple links such as design and manufacturing. Any negligence of any link will lead to the reduction or even failure of the life of […]

Bellows compensator

Bellows compensator: also known as telescopic section, expansion section, mainly to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline. Working principle of ripple compensator: The main elastic components of the corrugated compensator are stainless steel bellows, which are retractable and bent to compensate for axial, horizontal and angular direction of the pipe. The effect can be: […]

Analysis of the use conditions of metal bellows compensator

The design, manufacture, installation and operation management of bellows compensator is composed of several parts. Therefore, reliability should also be considered in several ways. In the selection of bellows selection of materials used in the heating network, in addition to its work efficiency, but also should consider its medium, temperature and external environment, we must also take […]