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Surrogacy Knowledge

Zheng Shuang was sued by the related company of the producer of "Emerald lovers" and announced th

2022-07-10    browse: 27

Zhengzhou, Henan Province: "are you short of money?"? A female freshman was "targeted" by a s

2022-07-09    browse: 64

It took 4 years for the Japanese tycoon to conceive 13 children in the "baby factory" in Bangkok,

2022-07-09    browse: 17

Investigation | reporter unveils the underground industry chain of surrogacy

2022-07-09    browse: 69

The price of domestic surrogacy agencies has been exposed, claiming that paternity tests can be carri

2022-07-09    browse: 50

CCTV made a voice to accuse surrogacy. Zheng Shuang responded to the surrogacy and gave birth to chil

2022-07-09    browse: 13

The surrogate market is getting more and more chaotic

2022-07-09    browse: 106

A 13-year-old Chinese American girl is on a par with Kwan Ying Shan. The youngest figure skating cham

2022-07-09    browse: 32

Another name for the surrogate agency is social teratology

2022-07-09    browse: 127

Is foreign surrogacy legal in China?

2022-07-09    browse: 69