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Successful Cases

Third generation test tube baby

2022-09-26    browse: 78

Suzhou suspected "surrogate agency"

2022-09-24    browse: 79

Why don't intermediaries tell the truth? Thailand has long banned surrogacy, egg donation and sex sel

2022-09-23    browse: 135

How can Ukrainian surrogate children who have already been born be brought back to China and how can

2022-09-22    browse: 56

Guangzhou family planning verified the parents' situation of octuplets and investigated the responsib

2022-09-20    browse: 63

Legalization of surrogacy in Thailand? Just entering the proposal stage

2022-09-19    browse: 70

Rising infertility rate leads to huge profits behind the scenes of surrogate black market expansion h

2022-09-19    browse: 122

Eggs are not what you want to sell, you can sell them if you want to buy them!

2022-09-18    browse: 68

Giving birth by abdomen, revealing the global black surrogate industry chain, and the child becomes t

2022-09-17    browse: 49

CCTV accused surrogacy: it is forbidden by law, but morality is hard to tolerate!

2022-09-16    browse: 28