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Zhanghengfa denied fraud. In September last year, some netizens said that Zheng Shuang was pregnant w

2022-10-19    browse: 66

Every year, about 1000 people in China go to the United States for surrogacy. Don't believe that "s

2022-10-18    browse: 41

Surrogacy is illegal and abandonment is shameful, but Zheng Shuang doesn't think so!

2022-10-14    browse: 104

What should surrogate mothers pay attention to?

2022-10-13    browse: 48

Guangzhou institution suspected to be a gay surrogate has been reported, and the health department ha

2022-10-09    browse: 79

Prohibition of surrogacy needs careful consideration

2022-10-08    browse: 134

The detailed process of pregnancy assistance in Ukraine, which you need to know

2022-10-03    browse: 150

Surrogate pregnancy

2022-10-01    browse: 62

How many people have been harmed by this ten billion dollar industrial chain that trades womb for mon

2022-09-30    browse: 83

Prada group: all cooperative relations with Zheng Shuang have been terminated

2022-09-26    browse: 142