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Successful Cases

Same sex platform blued offline surrogacy service

2022-08-13    browse: 96

A 28 year old Japanese man surrogates 16 children in Thailand because he wants to have a "big famil

2022-08-12    browse: 41

80000 pregnant women in Ukraine are waiting to give birth, the basement is full of surrogate babies,

2022-08-11    browse: 93

Zheng Shuang's dispute with Zhang Heng is so bloody and embarrassing! It is also urgent that the argu

2022-08-10    browse: 83

A woman has two babies in five months? In depth investigation found that

2022-07-26    browse: 129

Ukraine becomes the "surrogate capital" of Europe, which is completely legal and not prone to dis

2022-07-25    browse: 15

Coordinate Shanghai, is it troublesome for Ukrainian surrogate babies to return to China for Hukou?

2022-07-25    browse: 134

Paid millions to sign a contract for breach of American surrogacy service and sued the surrogacy comp

2022-07-24    browse: 27

Popular surrogate services in Kazakhstan

2022-07-21    browse: 85

Nanjing couple threw 950000 surrogacy to give birth to dragon and Phoenix fetus, and the intermediary

2022-07-20    browse: 67