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The difference between the stainless steel round steel and the screw steel and the suggestion of its application

In the building materials, the stainless steel round steel and the screw steel are the common forms of address for different kinds of steel bars. The difference between them is quite obvious, mainly five points. The first is the difference in shape. The outer surface of the stainless steel round steel is very smooth, while the […]

The causes and prevention measures of the change of the orange peel on the surface of the stainless steel plate

When the stainless steel plate is stretched and formed, the surface of the board will appear rough, and the surface roughness of the stainless steel is called the orange peel phenomenon. The so-called stainless steel plate, orange peel phenomenon is the surface of the stainless steel board presents like orange skin texture, touch, feel very rough, the […]

Drawing characteristics and coping methods of stainless steel plate

Because stainless steel plate has high yield point, strong hardness and cold hardening effect, there are many characteristics to be noticed when doing deep drawing. First, because the thermal conductivity of stainless steel plate is weaker than that of ordinary low carbon steel, the deformation force is high. Secondly, when drawing deep, the plastic deformation of the […]

Analysis of the characteristics of third generation duplex stainless steel

The first generation of duplex stainless steel is 3re60 in the 1960s, which has the problem of welding thermal zone. The second generation was developed in the late 1970s with ultra-low carbon and nitrogen bearing characteristics, the typical number was 2205, and the steel’s pitting equivalent index was 32-39. The third generation is ultra-low carbon, high molybdenum […]

Causes and preventive measures for pitting corrosion of stainless steel plate

What is stainless steel pitting? To understand this concept, we must first understand the excellent corrosion resistance principle of stainless steel. In fact, it is because there is an invisible but compact oxidation protective film on the surface of the stainless steel plate, which makes the stainless steel material in the passivation state at all times. […]

Introduction of annealing pickling process for new cold-rolled stainless steel plate

According to the relevant european standards, the conventional cold rolled stainless steel plate has two kinds of surfaces, one is the 2D/2B surface, the other is the surface after cold rolling, annealing, pickling and leveling. The second one is the 2R surface, which is cold rolled and annealed after smooth annealing. Before welding, clean up the paint, […]

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