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Advantages and disadvantages of adding titanium in austenitic stainless steel

When chromium – nickel austenitic stainless steel is heated to the temperature range of 450-800 C, corrosion often occurs along the grain boundary, which is called intergranular corrosion. Generally speaking, intergranular corrosion is actually carbon element precipitated from Cr23C6 in the metallographic structure of saturated austenite, resulting in poor austenite structure at grain boundaries. Therefore, it is […]

What are the difficulties in the welding process of the duplex stainless steel 2205

There are some technological difficulties in the actual welding of duplex stainless steel 2205, but in fact, if we grasp 2205 of the related material characteristics, many problems will be solved when welding is processed. Here are the following aspects. First, compared with the first generation duplex stainless steel, 2205 has further increased the nitrogen content, […]

What are the methods of cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel plates

The main components of stainless steel material is iron chromium alloy and other trace elements. Because of the excellent performance of stainless steel materials, and the corrosion resistance is generally stronger than other metals, and is still more beautiful and durable. However, although stainless steel materials have good corrosion resistance, they are not never rusty. […]

What matters to be noticed in the practical application of duplex stainless steel

Nowadays, duplex stainless steel is widely applied in various industrial fields, such as pulp and paper industry, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, dangerous goods transportation, pharmaceutical and food processing, and construction industry. In these industries, the duplex stainless steel is mainly used for the preparation of reaction containers, industrial equipment and various kinds of conveying pipes. […]

What are the features of stainless steel plate in the process of drawing

Although stainless steel plate is widely used in the industrial field due to its excellent performance, stainless steel sheet has weak punching performance, scratch on the surface, and easy formation of an adhesive tumor. Therefore, stamping quality and production efficiency will be greatly affected. This requires that when stamping the stainless steel plate, the quality and life of the workpiece can […]

Development process and application industry of duplex stainless steel

The corrosion resistance of duplex stainless steel and corrosion fatigue performance is outstanding, widely used in equipment made of refining and chemical industry, salt industry and other industries in the atmospheric vacuum distillation unit and catalytic cracking and hydrocracking, continuous sulfate cooking or intermittent cooking device, compressor cooler operation environment is very bad. In spite of the […]

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