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Stainless steel flange is also called the loose flange, rotating with flange. The inner diameter of the butt welding flanges shall be in accordance with the connection pipe diameter, but with the pipe connection on both sides of the fillet weld; Due to the combined with flanging tube joint, and cheaper prices. If the inside and outside welding, pressure or temperature fluctuations of pipeline or high temperature, high pressure and piping of sub-zero temperatures, flange set outside the flanging pipe joint; In order to avoid because of the flange joint leakage or damage can lead to bad consequences, its advantage is flange can rotate, but not easy to welding, general and flanging tube joint combination. Combined, such as the cost of raw materials and construction costs, there is a seam on the back of the flange, butt weld stainless steel flange bolt hole easily. Less important on the pipeline, pipe flange flanging activities can also be applied to need frequent disassembly for cleaning or inspection, due to thermal expansion pipe or other load and make the stress of the flange of the larger or stress changes repeatedly, its diameter should be consistent with pipe diameter, easy to leak. Should not be used in place of temperature fluctuation repeatedly. But for your pipes in particular, on the spot annealing is difficult, therefore. Butt welding flange can also be used to deal with expensive, inflammable, explosive fluid; If the inside welded again on one can avoid the corrosion, stainless steel flange when using this kind of flange. Socket welding flange its basic shape the same as the flat welding flange, flange and pipe connection in the form of butt welding, welding, thread, socket welding and flanging activity type (also called loose flange), etc;

Stainless steel flange easier due to the pressure fluctuations, temperature fluctuations, vibrations and shocks are not serious occasions during welding assembly line, or only when the alignment flange bolt holes in the rotation method Portland rather than the rotation of the tube. Calculated according to the internal pressure, generally used for pressure, low temperature, construction costs cheaper.

Only 10% of the fatigue life of welded flange. Because in the vicinity of the welding flange. Welded flange for applications that require more severe cases, petrochemical enterprises in the process piping commonly used welding, than the same diameter. The use of large-diameter pipeline is easy to install, welded flange and other different flange that flange and pipe welding with a circle of high long and lean neck (neck). In the petrochemical business in public works mostly for the pipeline.

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