Reducing flange

Reducing flange is typically special processing, reducing flange connection pipe, is to make the pipe and pipe connected parts. Flange pipe fitting, flanged pipe fittings) refers to the pipe with flange. It can be made of casting and become, also can be made up of threaded connection or welding. Gasket seal between the flange, flange hole, two flange bolt that tight even. In the chemical pipeline pipe, generally use reducer to variable diameter (size), so economic, simple and convenient, but with reducer after welding, is not conducive to pipeline disassembling.
Reducing flange processing and manufacturing, such as flange cover (blind flange) middle hole or homemade, etc., according to the flange standard using lathe for example can be DN80 flange hole open, open into (inner hole and manufacturing, according to DN80 flat flange to decrease the size of inside diameter and processing, and then with the flange DN80 matching use, used for pipe diameter changes, this kind of variable diameter connection, generally applicable to small pipe flow to the large pipe. Another reducing flange, each with a flange, both ends of two head flange size is different, is a big flange is small flange, a pipe is among, appearance as wearing a butt welding neck flange and a flat flange, the flange can be integral forging, also can be welded.
Reducing flange is a kind of disc parts, reducing flange connection is an important connection mode of pipeline construction. The most common in the pipeline engineering, reducing flange are used in pairs. Reducing flange connection is two pipe pipe fittings and equipment, low pressure pipe flange diameter can use silk, the use of medium pressure welding flange diameter. Their first fixed on a flange diameter, between the two flange diameter, and reducing flange gasket, bolt, then the different pressure reducing flange bolts with different thickness and use different, completed the connection. In pipeline engineering, water pumps and valves of the equipment locally, also made the corresponding adapter flange shape, also known as reducing flange connection.
Reducing flange
Manufacturing standards: according to the customers’ construction drawings to production, there is no relevant national standards.
Production process: forging manufacturing, whole forging, cutting system, the plate medium plate rolling, etc.
Finish turning processing method: ordinary lathe, high precision CNC lathe car, argon arc welding, etc
Material: stainless steel 304 (0 cr18ni9). 304 L, 321.316.316 l. 202. Carbon steel A3. A105.20 #. Q235, etc
USES: widely used in pipe fittings, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, power stations, water conservancy, industry, pressure vessel etc
Characteristics: corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, long service life and so on, the surface is smooth, acid and alkali resistant high temperature resistance, good appearance, texture performance is strong.
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