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What should I do if the underground pipeline is broken?

Open the underground pipeline all vents and electric fan, agile immediately ventilation, if the pipeline is gasoline transportation pipeline, so its large transpiration character, the risk of fire or explosion occurred the corresponding progress. Years of practical experience has proved that under normal temperature and pressure, a kilogram of gasoline can quickly transpiration of fourteen cubic meters […]

The influencing factors of stainless steel pipe after annealing brightness

Stainless steel pipe after annealing brightness determines the quality of the products. Factors influencing the stainless steel pipe annealing after brightness is more, here are five important factors, for your reference. 1, whether the annealing temperature reaches the temperature. Stainless steel heat treatment are generally take the solid solution heat treatment, also is the people of […]

According to the sectional shape of steel pipe which classification

Steel pipe products of steel and variety specification is various, its performance requirements is various.All these should be as user requirements or working conditions of the change of the distinguished. Usually,steel products, according to section shape, production method, the tube material, connecting methods,characteristics and applications with plating classification. According to the cross-sectional shape steel pipe can […]

The knowledge of seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe is a kind of hollow cross-section, there is no seam around the long steel. Seamless steel pipe with hollow cross-section, a large number of pipes used to transport fluid, such as the transportation of oil, natural gas, gas, water and certain solid materials such as pipes. Seamless steel and round steel and other […]

The installation of high pressure piping must be strictly required

The high frequency vibration of high pressure piping has strict requirements on the assembly of the lens gasket of the high pressure flange. Before the assembly should be inside pipeline, pipe threaded end and tapered sealing surface, gaskets, high pressure flange and bolts, nuts and all the clean up, and check the appearance, when necessary, then coloring, […]

According to the field of application of different, what is the classification of welded pipe?

Welded pipe is mainly used for conveying water, sewage, gas, air, heating steam and other low pressure fluid and other purposes. According to the different application areas can be divided into: wire casing, automotive pipe, transformer tube, welded thin-walled tube, welded pipe and spiral welded pipe. Wire casing and ordinary carbon steel welding steel tube in […]

Stainless steel tube is widely used in the market

Due to its advantages in materials, the application of stainless steel tube has been comprehensively promoted. As an important material in the pipeline. Stainless steel tube has obvious advantages in the market. Different from ordinary steel pipe, stainless steel pipe is made of alloy. Transportation, stainless steel pipe is mainly used for oil and gas transportation. Compared […]

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