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Welding method and welding material selection of 304 stainless steel industrial pipe

304 stainless steel industrial pipe has great differences in physical properties and chemical composition from structural steel, so the welding process of 304 stainless steel industrial pipe has its own characteristics. Welding method and specification selection: 304 stainless steel industrial pipe can be welded by TIG, MIRG, PAW and SAW. 304 stainless steel industrial pipe welding, […]

Calculation and determination of thickness and width of stainless steel welded pipe materials

The steel strip or steel plate selected for the stainless steel welded pipe is first considered for its thickness. Use reasonable and correct thickness to ensure and meet the basic requirements of the product. The thickness of the selected steel strip or sheet is determined by the minimum allowable wall thickness of the stainless steel welded pipe, […]

Stainless steel pipe weld formation defects and causes of defects

Common weld molding defects in stainless steel pipes include incomplete penetration, unmelted table, burn through, undercut and weld. The cause of these defects is often caused by improper groove size, improper selection of welding process specifications, or misalignment of the weld wire to the center of the weld. Incomplete penetration: The phenomenon that the joint root is […]

Main quality defects of heat treatment of steel pipes

The quality problems caused by heat treatment of steel pipes are mainly reflected in several aspects (performance, organization, defects, size, surface, etc.). 1 Performance and organizational issues Performance and organization issues, depending on the composition and original state of the material, as well as the rationality of the heat treatment process and the level of process control, […]

Online normalization process of steel pipe

Online normalization is a heat treatment process developed in recent years, namely deformation and normalization. It is a steel pipe after rolling the continuous rolling pipe, cooled to a recrystallization temperature on a cold bed, and then reheated the furnace. After heating the steel pipe to a temperature of Ac3 or above in the furnace, it is […]

Seamless steel pipe produces eccentricity (uneven thickness) for a reason

The finished products of seamless precision steel pipe will have the problem of uneven eccentric thickness. But how is it produced? Many people have not figured out. Today we will talk about cold drawn steel pipe, cold-rolled steel pipe, hot-rolled steel pipe, etc. The eccentricity of seamless seam steel pipe is generated. Why is the concentricity of […]

Analysis of Causes of Hydraulic Expansion Tube Failure of Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe

In the petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industrial fields, heat exchangers are widely used as a common pressure vessel. The most commonly used is the shell-and-tube heat exchanger, which consists of a casing, a heat transfer tube bundle, a tube sheet, and a baffle. (Baffle) and tube box and other components. Heat Exchanger In the […]

How to choose steel pipe?

Steel pipes are a very important building material, whether it is transporting fluids and powdered solids, exchanging heat, making mechanical parts and containers, manufacturing building structures, pillars and mechanical supports, or seeing home furniture. Steel pipes of various materials. What are the types of steel pipes? What is the size of the steel pipe? Let’s take […]

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