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Inspection and reliability analysis of steel pipe

The reliability of several non-destructive testing methods, such as magnetic flux leakage, eddy current, ultrasonic and electromagnetic ultrasonic, is discussed. By comparing the reliability of the above methods, it can be seen that the electromagnetic ultrasonic method has the advantages of other non-destructive testing methods. And broad application prospects. 1. Introduction Steel is the most […]

The knowledge of Steel Angle Bar

1. Overview Angle bar is a kind of carbon structural steel used in construction, which is a simple section steel. It is required to have good weldability, plastic deformation and mechanical strength. The raw material for the production of angle bar billet is low carbon steel billet, finished angle bar for hot rolling, normalizing or hot-rolled […]

Method for measuring length of steel pipe

According to the requirements of different manufacturers, the length of steel pipe measurement methods, mainly in the following categories: 1, grating length measurement The basic principle is: the steel pipe at both ends of the outer side were set up two fixed-length grating, the use of rodless cylinder driven grating near the ends of the pipe, the […]

The Terminology of steel pipe

① Nominal size and actual size A, nominal size of steel pipe: is the standard size specified in the standard, the user and the manufacturer want to get the desired size, but also the contract specified in the size of the order. B, the actual size: the actual size of the production process, the size is […]

Basic knowledge of steel pipe

The classification of steel pipe 1, according to the production method of classification (1) seamless pipe, hot rolled, cold rolled tube, cold drawn tube, extrusion tube, pipe jacking welded pipe (2) (a) according to the technological points – arc welding pipe, electric resistance welding (high frequency and low frequency) and gas welding tube, furnace welding pipe […]

What should I do if the underground pipeline is broken?

Open the underground pipeline all vents and electric fan, agile immediately ventilation, if the pipeline is gasoline transportation pipeline, so its large transpiration character, the risk of fire or explosion occurred the corresponding progress. Years of practical experience has proved that under normal temperature and pressure, a kilogram of gasoline can quickly transpiration of fourteen cubic meters […]

The influencing factors of stainless steel pipe after annealing brightness

Stainless steel pipe after annealing brightness determines the quality of the products. Factors influencing the stainless steel pipe annealing after brightness is more, here are five important factors, for your reference. 1, whether the annealing temperature reaches the temperature. Stainless steel heat treatment are generally take the solid solution heat treatment, also is the people of […]

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