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What matters to be noticed when the stainless steel pipe is cooled

Stainless steel pipe, as a very common metal material, is widely applied due to the rapid progress of material processing technology. These excellent machining processes help to enhance the performance of stainless steel pipes and meet the needs. But after a series of processing processes, especially after heat treatment, the stainless steel pipe must be […]

Weak terms and characteristics of duplex stainless steel

The performance of duplex stainless steel is generally strong, but it also has weaknesses. Especially, the weakness of high alloy duplex stainless steel containing high amounts of chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen is obvious. One is thermal processing performance, the deformation temperature in thermal processing, because the two microstructure of duplex stainless steel in strength, plasticity and the […]

Characteristics and application of stainless steel seamless pipes

Stainless steel pipe can be divided into two kinds of stainless steel seamless pipe and stainless steel welded pipe. According to the shape of the section, it can be divided into stainless steel pipes and stainless steel special-shaped pipes. The largest amount is stainless steel round steel pipes. Besides, the shape of stainless steel special-shaped steel […]

Requirements for the processing and application of 304 stainless steel pipes

304 stainless steel pipe from the specifications and appearance properties are very characteristic, the first such wall stainless steel pipe is thicker, the cost and practicality is also higher, but the wall is thin, the processing costs will be substantially increased, in addition to the performance limitation of stainless steel pipe depends on the process, usually […]

The causes and prevention of local corrosion of stainless steel pipes

The main local corrosion forms of stainless steel pipes include intergranular corrosion and point corrosion two. What are the reasons for their formation? How can the corrosion be avoided effectively? The following will be described in detail. Intergranular corrosion of stainless steel pipe The preferential corrosion is along the grain boundary. This is one of the most […]

Comparison of advantages of stainless steel welded pipe and stainless steel seamless pipe

Now the production technology of stainless steel welded pipe is relatively perfect. It has replaced seamless steel pipes in many aspects, such as petroleum, automobile, paper making, air conditioning and so on, and its price is less than 1/5 of seamless pipe. The market demand of stainless steel seamless pipe is mainly manifested in basic industries, including […]

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