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What are the factors that affect the quality of bright annealing of stainless steel pipes?

After annealing the stainless steel pipe, the brightness of the pipe determines the quality of the product. There are many influencing factors. This paper gives the following 5 relatively important factors. The first is whether the annealing temperature is up to the specified temperature. The heat treatment of stainless steel pipes is usually treated by solid […]

What are the performance of poor quality stainless steel pipe?

The seamless stainless steel pipe is a long steel bar with a hollow section and seamless joints. The thicker the wall thickness of a stainless steel pipe is, the higher its economical efficiency and practicality, and the thinner the wall thickness, the greater the production and processing costs. The process of the seamless stainless steel tube determines […]

Advantages of stainless steel water pipeline

Millions of miles of pipelines are used to transmit drinking water around the world. These pipelines must have good corrosion resistance to water itself, soil chemicals and treatment chemicals, so as to ensure adequate service life and provide sanitary drinking water. Type 316 (2-3%Mo) stainless steel has been proven to provide adequate corrosion resistance in most applications, […]

High frequency welding technology for straight seam steel pipe

Straight seam high frequency welded steel pipe has the characteristics of relatively simple process and fast continuous production, and is widely used in civil buildings, petrochemical industry, light industry and other departments. It is used for conveying low pressure fluid or making various engineering components and light industrial products. 1. Production process of straight seam high frequency […]

Five questions about steel pipes

1. How to classify the defects and quality of finished steel pipes? Defects and quality problems of finished steel pipes are checked according to their inspection methods. 1) the chemical composition found in chemical analysis is not qualified. 2) the physical properties, mechanical properties, process properties and metallographic structure of the test found that the performance […]

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