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The manufacturing process of stainless steel pipe fittings

The basic machining process of stainless steel pipe fittings is mainly composed of blanking, forming (welding), heat treatment, surface treatment, cutting processing, nondestructive testing, surface protection and marking.   blanking The processing materials of stainless steel pipe fittings are usually stainless steel tubes, stainless steel plates and stainless steel bars, and the material properties are determined by the […]

Advantages of 316l electromagnetic valve

Electromagnetic valve of many kinds of materials, divided into brass, cast steel and stainless steel. This paper mainly introduces the electromagnetic valve of stainless steel material, which is mainly made of 316L stainless steel in daily life, sometimes called the 316L stainless steel or titanium. As everyone knows, the material property is determined by the composition […]

Introduction of surface treatment process of stainless steel plate

The surface treatment process of the common stainless steel plate mainly consists of three aspects: the surface whitening treatment, the surface mirror bright treatment and the surface coloring treatment.   Whitening treatment of stainless steel plate’s surface The surface of the stainless steel color bleaching treatment, refers to the process of stainless steel processing, scroll plate, rolling […]

What is a aiaphragm valve

Diaphragm valve is a special form of shut-off valve, the opening and closing pieces is made of a soft material with the diaphragm, which will valve body cavity and the valve cover cavity separated. The diaphragm is actually a “clamped” valve, a resilient, disturbable diaphragm connected to the compression element by means of a screw, which […]

What is a gate valve

The type of gate valve, according to the sealing surface configuration can be divided into wedge-type gate valve and parallel gate valve, wedge gate valve can be divided into: single-pole, double-plate and flexible plate type; parallel gate valve Divided into single-gate and double-plate type. According to the stem of the threaded position can be divided into […]

Flanged Diaphragm Valve

The flanged diaphragm valve is a special type of truncated valve that appeared in the 1920s. Its opening is a membrane made of soft material. Separate the body cavity from the bonnet and the drive part, hence the diaphragm valve. The characteristics of flanged diaphragm valve are as follows: The most prominent feature is the lower part […]

Flange Fixed Ball Valve

Flange fixed ball valve, flanged gate valve, flanged butterfly valve and oxygen pressure reducing valve is belong to one type of valve, the difference in its closure is a ball, the ball around the center line of the body as a rotation to achieve a kind of open and close the valve. The ball valve […]

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