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Analysis of problems encountered in application of stainless steel bellows

Generally speaking, stainless steel bellows in the application may encounter internal leakage or leakage phenomenon, resulting in a lot of reasons, usually due to liquid medium containing solid impurities damage the sealing surface caused by. The causes of valve stem leakage are mainly related to valve structure, working environment and service mode. The structural stem uses stainless […]

Polishing and shaping process of stainless steel pipe elbow

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of polishing processing technology for stainless steel pipe elbow, which are mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electropolishing. Among them, there are three terms in mechanical polishing, need to understand, first of all, abrasive said stainless steel pipe elbow polish wax, eliminate the excess particles, so that the surface is very […]

Corrosion during installation and use of stainless steel pipe fittings

Because the stainless steel pipe fittings in the chloride ion more widespread and corrosive medium environment, will destroy the surface passivation membrane, and formation of corrosion pits, combined with the surface of the part of the inclusions, poor chrome area, grain boundary and dislocation, the stainless steel surface is very susceptible to corrosion, form the rusty spot, […]

Polishing process of stainless steel pipe fittings

At present, there are many kinds of polishing processes for stainless steel pipe fittings. This paper introduces some common polishing processes, including mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electropolishing, ultrasonic polishing, fluid polishing, etc.. Mechanical polishing Mechanical polishing on cutting and plastic deformation of plate surface is convex removed after polishing to obtain a smooth surface polishing method, […]

Properties and application of 316Ti stainless steel plate

316ti stainless steel plate, its national standard brand is 0 cr18ni12mo2ti, watch brand known 316 ti based on 316 stainless steel stainless steel plate is extra titanium alloy element, so its intercrystalline corrosion resistance is better than the average of 316 stainless steel, mainly used for production of resistance to sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic […]

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