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What are the surface anticorrosion methods of stainless steel screws

In all applications of stainless steel, stainless steel screws are a very inconspicuous but closely linked way of application. The stainless steel is a very excellent alloy metal. There are three main types of metal corrosion and usually can approach are composition design of contact surface of metal and metal dielectric properties, its application environment and external […]

Reasons and solutions for the locking of stainless steel fasteners

When fastening parts are used, the stainless steel fasteners will sometimes be locked. However, if the carbon steel fasteners are used, the locking is seldom seen. An important reason is that the stainless steel is soft and the carbon steel fasteners are relatively stiff. Stainless steel materials have good ductility, but there are some differences between hardness […]

Polishing and forming process of stainless steel pipe elbow

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of polishing processing technology for stainless steel pipe elbow, they are mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrolytic polishing. Among them, the machine polishing has three terms, need to understand, first of all, abrasive said is stainless steel pipe elbow polishing wax, eliminate excess particles, so that the surface shows very […]

The characteristics of three kinds of stainless steel pneumatic ball valves

Stainless steel pneumatic valve is made of stainless steel material with pneumatic actuator Pneumatic ball valve, although stainless steel is very much, but the most common stainless steel ball valves are basically made of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, the characteristics of the pneumatic ball valve is a strong corrosion resistance. A stainless steel pneumatic […]

Tips for daily use of stainless steel fasteners

There are many metal materials that can be used to make fasteners. Stainless steel fasteners not only have better appearance and better physical strength, but also have advantages such as corrosion resistance, easy welding and manufacturing. Stainless steel fasteners can also be treated with electroplating or heat treatment to get better product performance, and the waste can […]

Selection of stainless steel fasteners in high temperature environment

Usually the heat exchanger can be normal working temperature to 283 ℃, but the temperature is easy to rust stainless steel bolts. The reason is that, in the high temperature environment, the heat cycle can cause some stainless steel tissue to be non – stainless steel. Therefore, when selecting stainless steel fasteners, the requirements must be met […]

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