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Effect of solid solution process on stainless steel pipe fittings

The production cost of pipe fittings should be taken into consideration in the production enterprises of stainless steel pipe fittings, but the factors of preventing corrosion and improving the quality of the products should be taken into consideration. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the solid solution process in the production process of stainless steel pipe fittings […]

Manufacturing methods and product standards for stainless steel fasteners

There are different types of stainless steel fasteners that provide different levels of corrosion resistance and strength. They are used in corrosive industrial and marine environments, equipment, construction and construction applications. These products are available in all stainless steel designs and are used to join other metals such as copper, aluminum, carbon steel and zinc. The specifications […]

Causes and influencing factors of pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion of stainless steel plates

Local corrosion such as pitting and crevice corrosion of stainless steel usually occurs in the presence of halide ions, usually chlorides (eg, coastal and deicing chloride salts – sodium chloride, calcium chloride or magnesium chloride; hydrochloric acid; bleach – sodium hypochlorite or Calcium hypochlorite; and other chloride compounds). Point corrosion Pit corrosion can occur when […]

What is the difference and connection between metal hose and bellows?

Metal hose and bellows compensator main performance similarities and differences: Only air tightness a bellows is better than metal hose. Because the bellows are made of a monolithic material, the metallic hose is a flexible member that is wound with a stainless steel band, so that the problem of slight air leakage cannot be prevented. However, with […]

Application advantages of stainless steel bellows

Stainless steel bellow has many advantages, such as safety, reliability, easy installation, and elegant appearance. In recent years, it has gradually replaced rubber hoses in practical applications. The following describes the advantages of stainless steel bellows. Firstly, it is embodied in high safety and reliability. The stainless steel bellow changes the screw connection process into a […]

Selection and analysis of stainless steel fasteners

There are many available to make the fasteners material, which are made of stainless steel fasteners not only the appearance of texture better, higher strength and better corrosion resistance, which can also better machining and welding, and stainless steel fasteners can be electroplated or heat treatment, in order to obtain higher performance, in addition to be 100% […]

The relationship between the material selection of stainless steel fasteners and the working environment

The normal working temperature of the heat exchanger is greater than 200 degrees, but sometimes the stainless steel bolts are easy to rust. The reason is that at high temperature, the thermal cycle will lead to some stainless steel models becoming non stainless steel. Therefore, stainless steel fastener materials must be chosen with caution. Contrary to general […]

Connection methods of stainless steel pipe fittings and their advantages and disadvantages

There are many ways to connect the stainless steel pipe fittings, the main ones are the pressure-type connection, the ring pressure connection, the flange connection, the groove connection, the welding connection and the taper thread connection. They are both good and bad, and in practice they need to find the best way. Compression coupling The connection […]

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