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The processing of alloy elbows

According to the research institutions to verify that the life of the coating depends on the type of coating, coating quality and construction environment and other factors, the surface treatment of alloy pipe on the life of the coating about 50%, therefore, should be strictly in accordance with the Code On the surface of the alloy […]

The technical requirement of stainless steel pipe fittings

The technical requirements of stainless steel pipe fittings are clearly defined in various standards or technical agreements. The main contents include the following: (1) variety specification. Provisions of stainless steel pipe fittings should have the shape, size and its tolerance, the theory of trial, etc.. Round pipe specifications are usually expressed in DxS, such as 50mmx2mm stainless […]

The processing method of pipe fittings

There are many kinds of processing methods for pipe fittings, many of which are in the category of mechanical processing, and the most used are punching method, forging method, rolling method, rolling method, bulging method, stretching method, bending method and combined processing method. Pipe fitting processing is an organic combination of machining and metal pressure processing. Examples are […]

The differential method of pipe bend

The real authentic pipe bend: has the following characteristics 1, material surface smooth level off, shiny, shiny, no grain. 2, profiles, small surface has the conch brand special protective film, protective film text clear, regularly. The pressure on the reverse of the 3, profile code identification, clear regularly. 4, profile geometry size to meet the standard […]

4-way pipe fitting

4-way pipe fitting is also called pipe cross. If a branch line passes completely through a pipe tee, the fitting becomes a cross. A cross has one inlet and three outlets, or vice versa. They often have solvent welded socket ends or female threaded ends. 4-way pipe fitting can generate a huge amount of stress on […]

Other names of pipe cap

Pipe cap have other names, such as sealing head, plug, LIDS, pipe cap, bulkhead. Pipe cap’s application is to cover pipe in the form of weld or installation with thread.   USES: welding on the Pipe end or installed outside the Pipe thread to cover wall Pipe fittings. Use closed pipeline, function the same as the tube […]

Control the quality of pipe bends

Pipe bends of complete sets of bending dies is adopted to bend, whether what kind of machinery and equipment, mostly use bend, mainly used in oil, gas, fluids, etc., on aircraft and its engines more occupies an important position. Commonpipe bends are: intermediate frequency bend, butt welding pipe bend, etc. 1. The Pipe bends forming process of lubrication on […]

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