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The main factors affecting the corrosion of the tube sheet

The impurities, salts, gases and microorganisms in the industrial cooling water will cause corrosion to the tube plate and weld. Then the main factors affecting the corrosion of the tube plate: (1) the composition and concentration of the medium: the influence of the concentration is different, for example, in hydrochloric acid, the greater the concentration, the more […]

Detection of Tube Plate

Tubular heat exchanger in production, tube plate and tube welding by manual arc welding, weld shape in the presence of different degrees of defects, such as depression, porosity, slag, weld seam stress distribution is not uniform. This means that we need to do some testing work in the production process. In the detection process of tube plate, […]

Tube plate used for a long time there will be electrochemical corrosion

Tubular heat exchanger in the production, the tube plate and the tube of the general use of manual arc welding, weld shape there are different degrees of defects, such as depression, pores, slag, etc., the distribution of weld stress is not uniform. When used, the tubesheet section is generally in contact with industrial cooling water, and impurities, […]

How to choose gasket

A, the related factors should be considered when choosing gasket to know: A. to seal of highly toxic chemicals, chooses gasket safety performance is stronger, so as to guarantee; For transporting flammable liquid pipeline system, the need to pay attention to the gasket on the flange of the highest working pressure and temperature to control within a […]

How to choose fasteners for flange connection

When selecting the fasteners for flange connection, the operating pressure, operating temperature, medium type and gasket type should be taken into account. Gasket’s type and operating pressure, operating temperature, are directly related to the strength of the fastener material requirements. For example, Japanese standard flange low toxic medium pipeline Spiralwound gasket sealing connection, although the pipeline operating […]

How to calculate the weight of the elbow

In a piping system, the elbow is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of the pipe. According to the angle, there are 45 ° and 90 ° 180 ° three kinds of the most commonly used, according to the project also includes 60 ° and other non-normal angle elbow. Elbow materials are cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, carbon steel, nonferrous […]

What are the factors that affect the brightness of stainless steel pipe fitting

The use of stainless steel pipe fitting is very wide, not only because of its high corrosion resistance, stainless steel tube bright and beautiful appearance also played a certain decorative role. Usually the surface of the stainless steel pipe is bright, we feel that the better the stainless steel pipe, in addition to the late grinding treatment, […]

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