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In China, we use the stainless steel flange, it is the use of ordinary lathe processing and production of the flange, there will be some positive and negative error. So, people call it the weight of the theory, the general use of the theoretical weight as the standard flange. In addition, we can use the standard flange of China’s chemical industry, from which we can check the quality of the stainless steel flange.
Weight calculation of stainless steel flange and its formula are as follows:
1, general flange weight calculation:
(outside diameter * * od * diameter * bolt hole diameter * bolt hole diameter * bolt hole number) * thickness *0.623*0.0001= stainless steel flange theoretical weight.
2, the weight of the flat flange weight calculation formula is as follows:
(outside diameter * diameter * inner diameter * diameter * pore number) * thickness *0.616*0.00001
Description: 7.93 is the metal density of stainless steel, different grades of stainless steel have different density, this value is more commonly used in the average density, rough calculation can use this number, to calculate more accurate to query relevant information.
3, a butt welded flange weight calculation formula is as follows: butt welding part we call for big head, big head connected to a flange and head is connected with the part to be welded up.
((big diameter + head diameter) /2 square flange diameter Square) * PI /4* size thickness of head *7.39
The 1 part is the part of the weight of +2 welding flange to calculate your weight pull.
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