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How to properly use stainless steel blind flange

Stainless steel blind flange with the rapid development of domestic foreign minister pipeline construction, pipeline pressure test become an indispensable important link, in before, during and after the test must be conducted for each section of the pipeline ball-passing sweep line, generally for 4 ~ 5 times. Especially after the pressure test, pipeline inside water is […]

What is a Blind Flange?

Blind flange is a kind of a solid round plate with no center holes but with uniformly distributed bolt holes along the periphery of the plate. It is used for covering or closing the end of a pipe or conveniently cleaning sundries in pipelines for pipeline maintenance. Blind flanges have the same function as shell covers […]

Compact and standard of the flanges

Standard of the flanges   There are many different flange standards to be found worldwide. To allow easy functionality and inter-changeability, these are designed to have standard dimensions. Common world standards include ASA/ANSI/ASME (USA), PN/DIN (European), BS10 (British/Australian), and JIS/KS (Japanese/Korean).   Compact of flanges   Traditional flanges such as ANSI, DIN and BS all rely on a […]

What is flange connection

Flange connection is to two pipes, fittings or equipment before each fixed at a flange on the flange between the two, together with flange pad, fastened together with bolts to complete the connection. Some of pipe fittings and equipment have been built-flange, also falls within the flange connection. Sub-threaded flange connection (wire tapping) flange and welding […]

The technical requirements of flange forging

Flange forgings (including the forging rolling) technical requirements. 1, forgings (including the forging rolling) the level of its technical requirements should be consistent with the corresponding requirements JB4726-4728. 1. 0.25MP-1.0MPa Nominal pressure PN is carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel forgings forging allows the use of grade Ⅰ. 2. In addition to the following provisions, the nominal […]

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