Butt welding flange have what roles, and used to pay attention to what matters

The stainless steel products is arguably life is everywhere, and because of that, we have a lot of stainless steel. For example, is not easy to rust on the stainless steel products, stainless steel products more durable, and so on.

And speaking of stainless steel flange, there are lots of people will feel this kind of things are new, after all this stuff we ordinary people in life are not commonly used. As a matter of fact, stainless steel flange have greater use in the production and life. The following is the stainless steel flange manufacturer to introduce the stainless steel flange of the related knowledge.

Although stainless steel product in our production has already been widely used in life, but in stainless steel flange of the standardization of this kind of product manufacturing in China started relatively late but. Facing the current situation of the stainless steel flange is in our country, not only relatively small variety of specifications, and the production scale is small, not the circulation is not smooth, and grade of the product is very few.
There also exists the cause of the enterprises with the production of stainless steel flange site too much and too scattered, this way of concentration of appeared in the social production, because it is very not easy to manage, and the result is the product quality is not up to standard. The following stainless steel flange manufacturer is based on the status quo of the above introduction of stainless steel butt welding flange used to pay attention to matters,
First, the use of welding technology, through the current is not too big, under normal circumstances is 20% less than in welding, then there is operation arc not too long, as for the interlayer cold fast, can use narrow welding technology. As long as to avoid the above several kinds of circumstances, stainless steel butt welding flange will avoid corrosion phenomena.
Second, the use of electrode must keep dry, if necessary, can adopt the method of drying prompted the use of the electrode in the dry state. But here, stainless steel flange manufacturer to remind is, can’t repeatedly adopt the method of drying is good to avoid the need to keep dry peeling.

Third, stainless steel flange manufacturers want to emphasize is the chromium stainless steel used for welding methods, there will be a larger sclerosing American standard, and thus prone to crack. If the same type of welding electrode, the prophase work need to do is to preheat the cold treatment, to ensure the normal use of after welding of the flange.

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