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Production process of reducer

The reducer is a kind of pipe fitting for pipe diameter. It is usually used to press the forming process for reducing diameter pressing, diameter pressing or reducing diameter. A. Diameter/diameter formation The reducer forming process of the reduced-diameter steel tube is to insert the tube billet into the forming mould with the diameter of the reducer, and the […]

The difference and similarity between eccentric reducer and concentric reducer

The pipeline will produce gas phase dielectric liquid; liquid medium will produce gas, eccentric reducer and concentric reducer are the difference lies in the purpose of reducing is achieved; and reached the discharge of liquid or gas. So according to your process requirements of discharged liquid or gas to choose the direction of concentric and eccentric reducer reducer. First […]

Key points of welding process for 2205 duplex stainless steel

In the process of stainless steel processing, the welding of 2205 duplex stainless steel is a very test welding technology. This article will pay attention to the welding process of this kind of stainless steel. People usually call for the second generation of double phase stainless steel standard duplex stainless steel, its composition is characteristic of ultra […]

Comparison of performance between 304 stainless steel pipe and 304L stainless steel pipe

As a universal stainless steel, 304 is widely used to make equipment and components that require better overall performance. 304 stainless steel is produced by the United States ASTM standard stainless steel, the national standard is 0Cr19Ni9 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel chromium content is 19%, nickel content is 9%. Because the stainless steel needs […]

Comparison of performance between stainless steel pipe and other water pipe

Most of the water pipes used in modern architecture are concealed, such as pipe wells, so once the pipe material is chosen wrong, the trouble costs may be calculated in multiples. Therefore, the selection principle of water supply pipe is energy saving, recyclable, safe and reliable, economical and sanitary. Only the pipes meeting these principles are really […]

The difference between stainless steel angle bar and stainless iron angle bar

Stainless steel angle bar as a form of stainless steel products, the current application areas are increasing. And we say stainless steel usually refers to stainless steel and acid resistant steel. Stainless steel is able to withstand atmospheric, steam and water and other weak medium corrosion of steel, acid proof steel refers to acid, alkali, salt […]

The characteristics and problems of the manufacturing process of stainless steel pipe bend

According to the manufacturing method, the stainless steel pipe bend can be divided into three kinds, namely, the simmer bend pipe, the stamping bend pipe and the welding bend pipe. Among them, the simmer bend can be divided into two kinds of cold bending and hot bending. When the stainless steel tube for bending the pipe along […]

Application of stainless steel welded pipe in different industries

An important aspect of the stainless steel plate, stainless steel pipe with deep processing and application, is the main material of petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, is also the main components of power equipment, shipbuilding industry, refrigeration equipment, desalination equipment, so the stainless steel pipe application is very extensive. The main features of the production of stainless […]

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