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Analysis of the use conditions of metal bellows compensator

The design, manufacture, installation and operation management of bellows compensator is composed of several parts. Therefore, reliability should also be considered in several ways. In the selection of bellows selection of materials used in the heating network, in addition to its work efficiency, but also should consider its medium, temperature and external environment, we must also take […]

Development Trend of Domestic and Foreign Stainless Steel Pipe Production Technology

China’s stainless steel pipe production after nearly 50 years of development, especially in the past 30 years, whether it is stainless steel seamless pipe or pipe production technology has made great progress, yield, quality and variety of increasing and improving the quality of a small number of products Reached the international advanced level: but compared with the […]

Installation of stainless steel pipe

The installation method of stainless steel pipe is basically the same as plain carbon steel, and it has the following technological requirements in some process. 1. The hoisting of stainless steel pipe shall not be in direct contact with other metals, and shall be added with planks or rubber plates and other non-metallic materials. 2 pipe cutting […]

Welding of stainless steel pipe

In recent years, as manufacturers have become increasingly concerned about environmental issues, car manufacturers are under increasing pressure to improve fuel efficiency. Stricter, more restrictive regulations bring technical challenges to industrial production and material processing. These trends include reducing emissions from emissions, lighter body, and extended service life. Progress in the processing of materials has […]

The brightness of the stainless steel pipe after annealing

The brightness of the stainless steel pipe after annealing determines the quality of the product. There are also many influencing factors, and five important factors are listed for reference. 1. Whether the annealing temperature reaches the specified temperature. Stainless steel heat treatment are generally take the solid solution heat treatment, also is the people of the so-called […]

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