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Female college students' dictation: I have to eat the bitter fruit of giving birth to children by borrowing my stomach f

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Later, fanxiaoning also came to see him once

He kept shouting that he was wronged

He said that including Liu Meng's basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing, housing and transportation, he spent a total of more than 130000 yuan on "giving birth to a child through an abdomen"

This figure was denied by Liu Meng

She said that before suing fanxiaoning, she only took fanxiaoning 3, excluding living expenses

50000 yuan

This strange debt lawsuit ended with the withdrawal of Liu Meng

Therefore, the court did not determine how much fanxiaoning had paid Liu Meng

The case of "giving birth to a child by means of abdomen", which was so noisy, was settled by this dust

After Liu Meng withdrew the lawsuit after the court did its work, fanxiaoning agreed to pay Liu Meng 2

50000 yuan as compensation

Liu Meng, who sued fanxiaoning, did not expect such a result

What all the parties did not expect was that the lawsuit brought more profound harm to the two innocent children

At fanxiaoning's house, I saw the twins

The five-year-old brothers and sisters were climbing up and down in the yard, chasing and playing

They looked very naughty

It is understood that they are now under the care of fanxiaoning's mother and have already attended preschool

I asked them, "where is your mother?" The two children said "dead" with a small mouth

Obviously, they didn't know their real life experience

During the conversation, fanxiaoning's father showed dissatisfaction with his son's behavior

He was mainly worried that his children would leave the family when they grew up

He said: "these two little guys will definitely go to their mother when they grow up

Isn't it a waste of time to raise them? If they aren't born, they won't be born

It's OK to take care of one

Why do you have to raise them by soaking in shit and urine now? As a result, they still help people raise them at home!" From detective privacy by weiwujun, Jiangfeng [previous page] [1][2][3][4][5][6]