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Chinese boss hires Thai woman to Laos for surrogacy and is arrested to earn 90% of the price difference

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Original title: a Chinese boss who hired a Thai woman to Laos for surrogacy was arrested and earned 90% of the price difference

After the Thai Customs seized the smuggling of semen from China and Vietnam to Laos related to illegal surrogacy on April 20, another case involving illegal surrogacy was uncovered

At 17:30 p


yesterday (May 20), a private car with a Bangkok license plate of 38296 was stopped at the Thai Lao friendship bridge border inspection station in thongkhai, Thailand, and the driver nikom and six women aged 25 to 34 were arrested

Photo: the Chevy car used by the driver Nikon to pick up the surrogate woman

They were employed by ranzhao, a 35 year old Chinese man living in Bangkok, who was suspected of going to Laos to engage in illegal surrogacy

The passports and visas of the six surrogate women are also very suspicious, and the customs is further verifying them

Figure: Six Thai women engaged in illegal surrogacy were arrested

Nikon explained that he had taken pregnant women to Laos twice on March 4 and 26

On May 17, he took six people to Laos and was arrested when he returned to Thailand on May 20 because he failed the physical examination

Photo: Driver Nikon is under investigation

Customs staff of Thailand's rangkai government seized two nitrogen cylinders, a microscope, a standby generator and 42 sealed conical plastic tubes containing unknown liquid, marked with yy/tj/yg and 18/5/17

Figure: seized microscope

Figure: nitrogen cylinder

Image: 42 sealed conical plastic tubes

Figure: some drugs

A notebook was also seized from the car, recording in detail the surrogacy details of seven women, including date, name, health status, surrogacy progress, etc

According to the driver Nikon and the surrogate woman, the boss behind the scenes is ranzhao, a Chinese

He hired a Thai woman named AI to lobby local women who have already married and given birth to children and are healthy to surrogate

Bangkok driver nikun was hired to pick up and send these surrogate women at the Thai Lao border, with a salary of 15000 baht (about 3000 yuan)

After the birth of the child, these surrogate women can receive remuneration of 100000 to 400000 baht (about 20000 to 80000 yuan)

It is reported that about 90% of the price difference is fully pocketed by Chinese bosses


nimit, an official of Langkai customs, revealed that the six Thai surrogate women arrested this time were not prosecuted, but were released after education

Semen, egg and embryo trading and illegal surrogacy are all extremely immoral and illegal acts

You don't know whether the surrogate child's health, whereabouts, etc

are sold or not? Even organ trading? Warn these women not to do this again

The driver and other relevant personnel involved in the case face a fine of less than 100000 baht (about 20000 yuan)

The incident is still under further investigation

Recently, the Thai customs has successively seized such suspected illegal cross-border surrogacy incidents

On April 20, a Thai man, nitilon, was caught by the Customs at the Lang Kai border when he smuggled Chinese and Vietnamese semen to Vientiane, Laos

Although the new consumption model of test tube baby plus tourism has been very popular in Thailand and China in recent years, the fact is that the sale of semen, eggs or embryos is illegal

Commercial surrogacy is also prohibited, and only people who are related to biological parents can act as surrogate mothers

The picture shows the perpetrator (in red) and a nitrogen cylinder carrying semen

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