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In order to make quick money, a large number of young women in Vietnam have embarked on the road of selling eggs. Their

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In Vietnam, in order to make money quickly, a large number of young women receive a reward of 20million Vietnamese Dong (about 6000 yuan) each time by selling their eggs

Some people even sell eggs many times to make money

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on May 25, a young Vietnamese woman Q

I came to the underground garage of an infertility hospital to meet a woman who has been engaged in egg trading agency for a long time

Q。 She was a college student

Born in 2001, she was only 21 years old

She had a de facto marriage and had one child

After divorce, she returned to school to continue her studies

Due to lack of money, she was introduced to sell eggs

H。 It is a well-known egg trading agency, which specially helps couples who need to buy eggs to find egg sources and make profits from them

The intermediary will select the egg source according to the size, height, face type, blood type, etc

of the egg seller, and provide customers with different prices

The higher the standard, the more money

As a typical "product" with high appearance and excellent educational background among reproductive health indicators, Q

The information was quickly sent to customers who bought eggs

In addition to identity documents and portrait photos, ovarian test results of egg number, mucosal thickness and other indicators are attached as proof of egg quality

The intermediary publishes the information of egg donor, surrogate blood type, age, price, etc

on the private group on the social network

The person in need will contact the intermediary through SMS to start the transaction

H。 At the same time, she is also a surrogate agent

If the customer needs it, she will also help find a surrogate

Most of those who provide surrogacy are young women

Once the intermediary has contacted the egg seller or surrogate and discussed various matters, the intermediary will immediately meet the egg seller and then take him to the hospital for detailed examination of egg quality

These egg sellers talk about selling eggs because they want money, or just want to earn extra income to pay for living expenses, support their families, and even pay school fees

Although they know that surrogacy and egg donation will bring many dangerous consequences to themselves and their children, most of them still choose to take risks in order to make money

At the same time, there are a large number of people with childbearing difficulties in Vietnam who have a demand for eggs and surrogacy, so they choose to find eggs and uterus through this kind of black intermediary

As the saying goes, there is a trade when there is a demand

In recent years, the authorities of the victims have also made great efforts to rectify this market disorder