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How much does it cost to be a test tube baby?

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The cost of test tube baby is not standard

The following factors will affect the results: 1

Test tube type: the third generation is more expensive, and the first generation is cheaper; 2

Number of frozen embryos and blastocysts: the more frozen, the more expensive; 3

Quantity of emission promotion: if it exceeds 9, it will cost 2500 yuan more; 3

Favorable interest rate for promoting discharge and transplantation: the money paid smoothly once and repeatedly is certainly different; 4

Long case or short scheme: the following is a long case, which has no reference value for the short scheme

The first one is updated

Now she is three months pregnant and has basically stopped taking drugs completely

Including the cost of hormone fetal protection for three months after operation (this is a must, regardless of your constitution or embryo quality), the total is 52321 yuan

During the whole treatment process, I went to the hospital about 30 times

Every time I took a taxi back and forth for 100 times, I had to add another 3000

And update it again

My son is now 10 months old, smart, cute and white

Except that the chicks were red two days ago, they had never been ill and were super healthy

As for me, I didn't become fat because of the hormone treatment in the test tube

Instead, my weight dropped to a lower level in history because of breast milk and busy work

Although it's hard to be a parent, I feel happy every day with my son

The details are as follows: because I have to write an article, I checked a lot of relevant expenses, and also referred to the answer under this question

Here is a list of expenses related to test tube baby that I have sorted out for your reference: I have a client who has two test tubes made by both children, and both of them are successful at one time; But I also know that someone did three times of drainage promotion, and spent 150000 before and after that

So the cost of IVF really varies from person to person

In view of this situation, there is no limit to the number of times that IVF can be reimbursed

The specific guarantee responsibilities are as follows: in general, the quantifiable links are underwritten, while the promotion and elimination of individual differences, frozen embryos and other links are not underwritten

I also checked a lot of information and compiled an article

If you are interested, you can have a look

I hope you can avoid detours and help us

Berry: IVF expense reimbursement (unlimited number of times) medical insurance - in-depth evaluation of easy pregnancy insurance as a doctor, I really don't want infertile families to be cheated by so many intermediaries upstairs

If your family conditions are especially good, you can go to Japan and Europe

In countries with good medical conditions, the favorable interest rate is also high

Don't go to places with poor medical level, such as Thailand and Russia

IVF is fine work, It is really not suitable to make test tubes in places where surgery is very rough

If you are an ordinary person like me, it is your more correct choice that many large top three hospitals in China, especially the affiliated hospitals, have special reproductive medicine centers

Don't be cheated by intermediaries

I think we should manage these cheaters

Seeing the comments made by various intermediaries under my answer, I also feel very helpless

Originally, I just wanted to tell the truth, but many people's cakes were moved

(I deleted all my comments) the doctor is kind-hearted

I wish everyone can have their own little angels

How much does it cost to have a test tube baby? In general, the expenses include early couple examination, drainage promotion, drainage promotion transplantation and luteal support

There may be some differences in the fees in each city

Let me talk about the general fees

There are many early-stage examinations for test tube babies

Generally, the woman will have 20 or 30 items, and the man will also have more than 10 items

Generally, the cost is about 4000-5000 yuan

At present, there is no expert consensus standard on what tests should be done in the early stage of IVF

Some reproductive centers advocate that those who can be checked should be checked first, including some indicators with a very small probability of occurrence, so as to avoid test tube failure due to some abnormal indicators

There are also those with a total inspection cost of more than 10000; Some reproductive centers advocate that only more basic indicators with a small probability of occurrence should be checked, so as to avoid aggravating the burden of patients' treatment costs

There are also more than 3000 less examination costs

Therefore, no matter how much or how little you check, they all have their own rationality

Specific to individual patients, if some indicators are abnormal, some new tests may be added

Therefore, even if it is the same reproductive center, everyone's examination fee is not exactly the same

Give two examples that we are more concerned about

One is hysteroscopy

Generally, a basic hysteroscopy is about 2000-3000 yuan

If there is hysteroscopy, it will be about 5000-6000 yuan, which is a relatively large cost

Some reproductive centers do hysteroscopy only after the test tube fails for unknown reasons

The reproductive center of Beijing Third Hospital suggests that hysteroscopy should be done before embryo transfer according to the medical history, abnormal menstrual symptoms and vaginal ultrasound

If there are endometrial polyps, intrauterine adhesions and hysteromyomas, it can be handled in advance to improve the embryo implantation environment

In general, some people are willing to check and find that they can move without hysteroscopy

Some people also improve the profit rate of embryo implantation because of hysteroscopy and surgery

Another example is karyotype screening

Some hospitals require that chromosome karyotype screening must be done in the preliminary examination to avoid repeated planting failures caused by chromosome abnormalities

However, the incidence rate of chromosomal abnormalities in all normal people is not high

Generally, the incidence rate is one in a few hundred, or even one in a few thousand

Even if all the chromosomal abnormalities are added up, it can not exceed the rate of 1%

Therefore, the pre-stage examination of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical College does not include the chromosomal karyotype examination of both spouses

Let's talk about the emission promotion costs

The emission promotion costs vary according to the emission promotion scheme and the actual dosage of each person, and also because there are differences between domestic drugs and imported drugs

For example, taking the Third Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical College as an example, if the long-term plan and imported drugs are used, the total emission promotion cost is about 10000-10000 yuan

About 50000 yuan, about 5000-7000 yuan for domestic drugs

If the antagonist scheme is used, the imported drugs are about 9000-13000 yuan, and the domestic drugs are about 3500-4000 yuan

If the micro stimulation scheme is used, the cost of drugs will be much lower, and imported drugs are rarely used

Generally, 1500-2000 domestic drugs are enough

In general, the cost of the emission promotion phase is more than 5000 to 10000 in most cases

Use the app to view the complete content

At present, the full version of the paid content only supports viewing the test tube fees in Thailand in the app

The third generation test tube technology involves many aspects

According to each person's situation, the doctor will give different treatment plans

The test tube projects involved are different, and the costs are naturally different

In general, the total cost of test tube baby in Thailand is about 16-17w, and the medical cost is about 10-11w

The charges of each hospital will vary, and the difference will not be too great

It will fluctuate between 1-2W

Including translation fees, transportation, accommodation, food, lodging, accommodation and transportation, the overall price is the same whether it is self-help or looking for service agencies

It is recommended that you go to Thailand to test tube, or find a professional and reliable service organization, which will save you a lot of worry