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How do I get a single surrogate baby in Russia

2022-10-30 11:22 browse:

Before the Spring Festival, bring the baby back from Russia

Some of the materials needed for the Hukou were also handled

Later, in the new year and special circumstances, I had to stay at home, so the Hukou was postponed

It's not easy to wait until the situation is better

Hurry to give the baby's registered permanent residence

About the process of unmarried overseas birth: household application, ID card, household register, birth certificate, travel permit, paternity test, legal documents on who is raising the illegitimate child, house certificate, etc

The process is: take the original and copies of relevant certificates and supporting materials to the police station to apply, and fill in the household application form and your own information form

After the approval of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, take the relevant materials to the registration hall to get the entry notice

Go back to the local police station on your side and go home