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Top10 of 24-hour domestic news: 10million people will be lifted out of poverty this year. Document No. 1 clearly stops f

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Atlas news 1? Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council and decided to further clean up and regulate enterprise related charges

Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council on February 8 and decided to further clean up and regulate enterprise related charges and continue to reduce the burden on the real economy; Deploy and deepen the reform of "release, management and service" in the construction industry to promote industrial upgrading and development; Determine policies and measures to strengthen the construction of high standard farmland, and consolidate the foundation of food security and modern agriculture; The pesticide management regulations (Revised Draft) was adopted& gt;& gt; Second, the No

1 document for 10million people to get rid of poverty this year clearly stops formalism

The No

1 central document just released clearly ensures that more than 10million people will get rid of poverty in 2017

This is another declaration of war against the "demon of poverty" on the basis of the victory of the first battle against poverty last year and the overfulfilling of the 10million task of eradicating poverty throughout the year

This year is an important year for solidly advancing the fight against poverty and deepening the targeted poverty alleviation

How to accomplish the task of lifting 10million people out of poverty this year? Document No

1 proposed to further promote various policies and measures for precise poverty alleviation& gt;& gt; News three? Foreign reserves fell below the 3 trillion mark! How to fight the defense war? The data released by the central bank shows that after seven consecutive months of "shrinkage", foreign exchange reserves have broken the $3trillion threshold for the first time since February 2011

Compared with the overwhelming comments made by industry experts on "protecting foreign exchange reserves" in the second half of last year, China Securities Journal (wechat official account: xhszzb) felt that the market was calm yesterday as a whole: the safe only issued a regular explanation; Various institutions have also issued reports saying: don't panic! Before and after the holiday, the open market interest rate was raised

Yang Ma explained today that it was a "market decision"

He didn't say he would fight a defensive battle, but he drew his sword

At least the trend of foreign exchange reserves should not be too pessimistic

The "sell sell sell" of Yangma and the "buy buy buy" of residents are the three main reasons for breaking& gt;& gt; Four comments on Cai Yingwen's "new model" said that the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council: the key is to confirm that the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference on the morning of February 8, which is the first press conference after the new year

Spokesman an Fengshan answered reporters' questions on recent cross-strait hot issues& gt;& gt; After the Spring Festival, China has released a series of important policies focusing on people's livelihood

Let's show what tangible benefits these "red envelopes" will give people& gt;& gt; Six highlights: the 2016 GDP growth rankings of China's regions: the western region leads the Northeast in warming up

Since January this year, the "two sessions" have been held intensively in various regions of China, and the 2016 GDP growth rankings have also been announced

According to the work reports of local governments and the data of statistical departments, in 2016, among the 31 provinces and cities excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Tibet recorded a year-on-year increase of 11

The 5% GDP growth rate topped the list, and Chongqing grew by 10%

7% followed

At the other end of the list, Heilongjiang increased by 6

1% is the third from the bottom

Liaoning, which has not released the specific GDP data of last year, clearly stated that it has not achieved the expected target of about 6%& gt;& gt; The seven health and Family Planning Commission responded to the discussion on "open surrogacy": it will continue to severely crack down on surrogacy

Recently, some media published articles discussing "whether surrogacy can be liberalized", which aroused widespread concern in the society

On February 8, maoqunan, spokesman of the national health and Family Planning Commission, said that surrogacy is an illegal act, and the national health and Family Planning Commission will continue to crack down on illegal acts involving surrogacy& gt;& gt; 8

Chinese scientists led the third South China Sea ocean drilling to study the "South China Sea heavenly book" in depth

On the 8th, 33 scientists from China, the United States, France, Italy, Norway, Japan, India and other countries boarded the US "determination" ocean drilling and exploration ship at the China merchants Wharf in Hong Kong, and will soon go to the South China Sea to carry out the 367 voyage of the international ocean discovery program (IODP) and explore the mystery of the earth's sea and land changes

This also marks the official opening of the third South China Sea Ocean Drilling led by Chinese scientists& gt;& gt; Highlights 9 Lishui, Zhejiang Province, released the code of conduct for comity zebra crossings, the first prefecture level city in China

Zebra crossings are the "lifeline" of urban roads

The comity of motor vehicles in front of zebra crossings directly describes the cultural card of a city

On the 8th, the reporter learned that Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, released the code of conduct for comity zebra crossing, the first prefecture level city in China, which showed the content of comity zebra crossing with pictures and texts& gt;& gt; It's important to hear that Shiwu Yishu won the second season champion of the China Poetry conference

More than 1

1 billion people witnessed the poetry carnival

The second season finals of the China Poetry conference were broadcast on CCTV on the evening of the 7th

Wu Yishu, a 16-year-old contestant from Fudan high school, beat Peng min, the champion of the fourth period and the editor of the poetry magazine, and won the champion

According to CCTV data, the total audience of all 10 episodes of this program reached 11


3 billion person times& gt;& gt;+ 1 [error correction] responsible editor: zhangmingyu