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Expose the dark side of the surrogacy industry in Ukraine. What kind of black industry chain is behind it?

2022-10-28 19:47 browse:

In Ukraine, surrogacy is legal, and employers can choose the child's sex and twins according to their own needs, while substandard children will be abandoned

We should fully exploit the value of surrogate mothers, give them shallow wages, and arbitrarily price their customers

As long as customers show that they want children, the more eager they are, the higher the price will be

It will be difficult to get away from them at the beginning

The main reason for all this is that the intermediary has taken away all the money

Many young surrogate mothers have been cheated and coerced

They are not only unable to get average remuneration, but may also be threatened and abused, and become completely controlled money making tools

Some people sell their children through surrogacy, which has gradually become a way for many organizations to make money

It is against humanity to launch all the surrogacy industry, resulting in women becoming reproductive tools and defective babies being abandoned

Some poor women choose to make quick money through surrogacy, which involves a lot of interest issues

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