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How about aa69 surrogacy? Exclusive medical cooperation with GAODA, safe and stable

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Aa69 how about a surrogate? Exclusive high-level medical cooperation, safe and stable   In 2004, chairman lvjinfeng established aa69 surrogacy agency, created the first surrogacy network in China, and opened a new chapter in China's surrogacy industry

Chairman lvjinfeng is called the father of Chinese surrogacy by people in the industry and the media& nbsp; Since the establishment of aa69 surrogate network, lvjinfeng has never evaded his real identity, and has not had a dispute with customers

He has met all interested customers frankly and openly, and has successfully given birth to more than 10000 healthy babies in the past 16 years

Integrity is the business philosophy of chairman lvjinfeng of aa69& nbsp; 1、 More than 30 large-scale media interviews, without any negative reports, are true and professional& nbsp; In 2004, chairman lvjinfeng bravely stood in front of the public and received more than 30 large-scale media interviews

Director lvjinfeng is responsible for popularizing the Chinese public's correct understanding of surrogacy

For 16 years, the public has confused surrogacy with childbirth

Later, I learned that surrogacy is to help infertile families through IVF assisted technology, which has also received a lot of support and understanding& nbsp; Since the development of the surrogacy industry, good and evil people have mixed up

The news has also reported ugly fraud in the industry

We strongly condemn this

Aa69 lvjinfeng surrogate network has also had reporters' unannounced visits and news exposure, but it has never involved fraud and integrity issues& nbsp; 2、 The exclusive medical cooperation with GAODA is safe and stable, with 72% super high interest rate& nbsp; Why is exclusive care so important& nbsp; 1: The interest rate is higher than that of small intermediaries& nbsp; Small intermediaries and medical institutions can not restrict each other

Medical institutions mainly make money, low investment in second-hand instruments, poor medical environment and made up of fake doctors

Be ready to run

The total investment of medical points shall not exceed 800000 yuan

According to incomplete statistics, the profit rate will not exceed 30%, and there are even fake medical centers that rarely have a successful case in a year& nbsp; Aa69's investment in doctor assessment and medical centers is targeted at a favorable interest rate

It has an ultra-high standard laminar flow laboratory, a Leica microscope, a three gas incubator, and a more advanced generation of reproductive equipment represented by millions of Aloka B-type ultrasound machines on a separate ultra-clean platform

And experienced clinicians and professional laboratories

Last year, the profit rate of single transplantation reached 72%& nbsp; 2: Ultra high security& nbsp; The independent medical station only receives aa69 customers and refuses to cooperate with other intermediaries

In the past 16 years, there has been no negative dispute

Aa69 surrogate agency insists on building a high reputation brand& nbsp; ① Aa69 will not deceive customers& nbsp; ② With ultra-high interest rate& nbsp; ③ Customer first, absolutely nip the risk in the bud

The medical centers of small intermediaries have integrity problems, which are often reported, exposed and sealed up, and the news will be reported every year

Aa69 will not only ensure the privacy of customers and the safety of surrogacy, but also ensure the safety and sustainable operation of customers' embryos

Aa69 has a clear division of labor, performs its own duties, and is seamlessly connected to ensure that the whole surrogacy process is completed with high quality and efficiency

In the general environment that the whole surrogacy industry is a family workshop, aa69, as the only formal and open organization in the industry, to improve work efficiency and improve work quality is the work goal of all aa69 employees

3、 The only way to fulfill the customer's promise

Aa69 surrogacy agency promises to ensure that the child has no congenital diseases for ten years, otherwise it will pay huge compensation

Aa69 regards surrogacy as a lifelong career to protect our integrity and brand, and will also assume the corresponding compensation responsibility

4、 The only surrogate brand in the industry

China's surrogacy industry has developed for more than ten years, and there are countless online intermediaries, more short-sighted people who are short-lived, cheating and eager for quick success

Maintain the surrogate brand for many years, in addition to “ Lvjinfeng &rdquo& ldquo; AA69”, Nothing else