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The president of Hope Education caught in surrogacy rumors is that the founder of Mayflower controls two listed companie

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Original title: the president of Hope Education caught in the rumors of surrogacy is that the founder of Mayflower controls two listed institutions

Source: AI financial news agency Wen | AI financial news agency Jinfei editor | Yang Jie editor soutu after the May Day holiday, there were rumors about "surrogacy" in social media

The protagonist of the rumor was pointed to "Wang mouwu, executive director of Hope Education Group"

On May 6, according to media reports, a staff member of the investment and Development Department of Hope Education Group (01765

HK) said that "this is a rumor" and that "the police will be called to investigate the legal responsibilities of relevant personnel"

In the screenshot of the wechat group chat disclosed in the rumor, a wechat man signed "chenmiaomiao" disclosed that the "surrogate" man had two sons, one of whom had graduated from college and the other was studying abroad, but he also purchased 20 "top eggs" abroad

The surrogate involved different professional identities such as model, doctor of finance, musician and so on

At present, he has "born 10 mixed race female babies"

The informant said, "generally, the price of eggs is 20000-30000 yuan, and he buys more than 45000

" he also said that his surrogate goal is "100


As of the closing on May 7, hope education closed at 2 per share

HK $3, up 2

22%, with a total market value of 183

HK $4billion

On the day of May 7, hope Education announced that Wang Huiwu, executive director, CEO and group president of the institution, planned to acquire institutional shares in the open market

The total amount of share increase is expected to be no more than HK $60million, and the acquired shares held by him will be used for "medium and long-term investment"

On the date of the announcement, wanghuiwu held about 19 shares of the institution


8 billion shares, accounting for 24% of the total issued share capital of the institution

4%。 It is understood that hope Education Group Co

, Ltd

, established on april12,2017, is an investment holding institution providing higher education services

The institution, together with its subsidiaries, operates schools and colleges in Chinese Mainland and collects tuition and boarding fees

The main schools and colleges operated by hope education include Hope College of southwestjiaotonguniversity, Jinci College of Shanxi Medical University, private Sichuan Tianyi college, etc

In july2016, Everbright Holdings invested in hope education and became an important strategic shareholder of hope education

On August 3, 2018, hope education was successfully listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange

Xuchangjun serves as the executive director and chairman of the agency, and wanghuiwu is the president and CEO of the agency

After the listing, hope education has not stopped the pace of expansion and M & A

At present, the total number of students enrolled in hope education has covered 5 undergraduate colleges, 7 junior colleges, 2 technician colleges, and 2 newly acquired colleges in 2020 (including 1 undergraduate indi International University and 1 junior Nanchang film and television Vocational College)

As of February 28, 2021, the number of new recruits includes 71746 new recruits announced by the group in October 2020, and 1084 new recruits from Nanchang Film Television Communication Vocational College incorporated into the group in the reporting period

On April 28, hope Education released the interim performance announcement for the six months ending February 28, 2021

According to the announcement, the institutional income during the reporting period was about 11


3 billion, with adjusted net profit of about 5


7 billion yuan, an increase of 35% over the previous year

9%、42。 8%。 According to tianyancha information, wanghuiwu was born in 1973

He was appointed as the executive director of Hope Education Group Co

, Ltd

since March 13, 2017, and was appointed as the president, executive officer and President of the organization on February 2 of the following year

In 2004, wanghuiwu served as the chairman of Sichuan Mayflower college

According to public reports, Wang Huiwu has a rich career history

He graduated from Sichuan Normal University (Adult Higher Education) in June, 2009, majoring in economic management, and graduated from Sichuan Normal University in June, 2013, majoring in education

In 1999, wanghuiwu founded Chengdu Mayflower computer professional school, and later expanded it into a secondary vocational college, becoming one of the well-known private education institutions in Sichuan

The slogan "learn computer, find Mayflower" comes from this

On january12,2005, five brothers and sisters, including wanghuiwu, founded Sichuan Hope Education Industry Group Co

, Ltd

In October2007, wanghuiwu introduced Huaxi hope group as a shareholder

Wanghuiwu and Huaxi hope respectively invested 4

5 million yuan and 25

5 million yuan into Sichuan hope education

After the capital injection, wanghuiwu and Huaxi hope hold 49% and 51% of the shares of Sichuan hope education respectively

At that time, hope Education said, "the purpose of introducing Huaxi as an institutional shareholder is to use its brand in China

" ChenYuXin, chairman of Huaxi hope group, is the third brother of liuyonghao, chairman of new hope group

In november2017, hope education investment established Sichuan Tequ Education Management Co

, Ltd

, whose businesses except higher education belong to Sichuan Tequ management and operation

Sichuan Tequ is 50% owned by Sichuan Tequ investment group and Mayflower Investment Management Co

, Ltd

Sichuan Tequ investment group is controlled by Huaxi hope, and Mayflower investment is controlled by wanghuiwu

Wanghuiwu also started a series of capital operations in the A-share market

In August, 2020, Jifeng technology, which is mainly engaged in agricultural machinery, announced that Sichuan Tequ and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sichuan Mayflower Development Service Co

, Ltd

, will become the controlling shareholder of the institution, holding a total of 27 shares of Jifeng technology through the acquisition of equity, acceptance of voting entrustment, subscription of Private Placement Shares, etc

7% of the shares

Sichuan Mayflower has become the direct controller of Jifeng technology due to its large share

In October, 2020, century Dingli (300050

SZ) announced that Sichuan Tequ Mayflower Education Management Co

, Ltd

, a subsidiary of hope education, would transfer 50million shares of the institution and 4574 shares

The voting rights corresponding to 470000 shares, and will fully subscribe for century Dingli 1


1 billion non-public shares

In January this year, the controlling shareholder of century Dingli was changed to Tequ Mayflower, and the actual controllers were changed to ChenYuXin and Wang Huiwu

At present, wanghuiwu is also a supervisor of Sichuan Guojian Investment Co

, Ltd

, which is now run by Sichuan Hope Education Industry Group Co

, Ltd

99% holding

On november27,2019, Wang Huiwu once ranked 31st in the 2019 Hurun hundred schools · educational entrepreneurs list with a "wealth of education" of RMB 2

1 billion

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