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For the first time in the world! China realizes the automation of the whole process robot to "breed" cloned pigs

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The reporter learned from Nankai University on May 31 that the scientific research team of Professor Zhaoxin of Nankai University, together with the Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine of Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, studied the automatic cloning technology for the problems existing in the artificial cloning technology

On March 31, 2022, a common "surrogate" sow was pregnant for 110 days and gave birth to seven cloned pure bred Landrace pigs, This is also the first cloned animal in the world to achieve automatic robot operation and complete the whole cloning process

Seven cloned purebred Landrace piglets born by automatic operation cloning technology are the cornerstone of agriculture

China's breeding industry has been lack of excellent original breeding pig resources

Due to the blockade imposed by developed countries on the introduction of original breeding pigs of great grandparents in China, China has only been able to introduce the original breeding pigs of grandparents with rapid degradation, which usually degenerate after about 3 years of reproduction, and the vicious cycle of "introduction, degradation, re introduction and re degradation" of original breeding pigs is repeated

It is an effective scheme to solve the problem of breeding pigs by using cloning technology to amplify the original breeding pigs of grandparents

However, the artificial cloning operation has many steps, great difficulty, low efficiency, and there is an extreme shortage of personnel qualified for the cloning operation, which can not really solve the problem of producing a large number of original breeding pigs of grandparents, which makes the wide promotion of cloning technology for breeding pigs a bottleneck

At the same time, there is a huge demand for breeding pigs in China, with 13million sows and more than 300000 boars annually

In order to meet the needs of large-scale breeding, Professor Zhaoxin's scientific research team has been committed to further improving the operation level of the whole cloning process robot for a long time, and has made great efforts in batch, automation, precision and scale

With the support of domestic key R & D projects, the team, together with the Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine of Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, studied the automatic operation cloning technology for the problems related to the artificial cloning technology

"The automatic operation cloning technology uses micro vision to establish a global vision with greater centimeter level and smaller submicron level resolution and improve the operation efficiency, thus realizing the batching of cloning operations

" According to Zhao Xin, through cell force analysis, the cloning operation automation based on smaller force has been realized

At the same time, through the assessment of intracellular strain, the damage to oocytes during cloning operation can be reduced, and the development rate of embryos after cloning operation can be improved, so as to realize the accuracy of cloning operation

Using automatic operation cloning technology, the blastocyst rate of successful cloning can be increased from 10% of manual operation to 27% of automatic operation

5%, blastocyst rate increased by 2

75 times

The relevant work results of the team showed that the number of piglets per surrogate sows increased from an average of less than 5 artificially cloned pigs to 24 in two batches of robotic and automated cloned pigs, with an average of 8 piglets per litter, an increase of more than 60%

"At present, the first batch of cloned pigs operated by robots has been used for breeding and production, and 9 of the 13 healthy cloned pigs have been bred, with a seed retention rate of 69%, which has doubled compared with 35% of ordinary breeding pigs

" Introduction by Zhaoxin

Automatic operation cloning technology provides a way for a large number of original breeding pigs of grandparents to be expanded, and the cloning technology to be widely used in breeding pigs and practical production applications, which provides a scheme for China to solve the problems of rapid "replication" of a large number of excellent animal breeds and "difficult introduction" of breeding pigs

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