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Waiting for the angel to enter my home - Ukrainian surrogate Journal

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Just a few days after returning from Ukraine, the little girl has been in my surrogate mother's stomach for more than three months

She went to Ukraine for a business trip to France and met her surrogate mother during the three-month production inspection

Everything was OK

She brought some gifts to her surrogate mother, two boxes of Longjing and a pearl necklace

She jumped up with joy and hugged me

She looked very cheerful

She didn't know the language and was in a hurry, The translation beside her should not completely express the girl's happy mood

Well, the flashback begins: since I entered the age of not loving ho ho, my son went to high school and did well in his studies

I don't worry about it

Our old couple are even more bored

My wife is a full-time mother

I'm not busy with my work and don't want to make progress

The key is that I don't have ambition

I can do without a small salary

I began to wonder if I could have another child

I asked my son for his opinion

A hundred people agreed that it would be better to have a younger sister

The younger sister who runs after his brother all day

Well, the only child is very lonely from childhood to adulthood

I haven't been pregnant for 2 years

I think I'm old enough to be useless! Last year, I thought it was over

I was 44 and my wife was 43, so I put it down

But at the end of last year, a student from Zhejiang told me about a child he had come back from Ukraine

The couple didn't have a baby because of various problems

The total cost was about RMB 400000

I never thought about surrogacy before

I always thought it was illegal and there were liars everywhere

After listening to my classmates' experience, I began to study Ukraine

I also talked with my classmates for many times, and then I began to contact the agent of the hospital

Originally, I wanted to have self fertilization, but AMH was too low

My wife was really old and yellow

I asked her if she could use it

My wife had no opinion at all

As long as it was a child, I decided to use it

Anyway, the package was smooth, and I must have a girl, I've been teasing my wife whether she thinks she can't compete with her son for family property when she grows up

Ha ha

After a few months of research, I began to practice

Various blood tests, semen reports, chromosomes, etc

when the inspection report comes out, it will be regarded as a physical examination

After a few months of tossing and turning, it will be OK

In July this year, he signed with his wife

The driver of the clinic came to pick us up and took us to the apartment for a day's rest

The translator took us to see the doctor

After a series of physical examinations, he signed the contract and paid the money

After two days, he picked up the best egg donors and selected three Asian egg donors

After that, nothing happened

The translator of the clinic began to take us out to visit Andre's slope, mother's mountain and monastery, The Independence Square where the revolution took place in 14 years, the memorial hall of the Chernobyl nuclear accident, and later visited the luxury house of former president Yanukovych, who fled to Russia a few years ago

This is not a big house

It is simply a big park with mountains and water mixed with several houses

No wonder Ukrainians want revolution! After the tour, I just ate and drank

To be honest, their food is old-fashioned

I can't get used to it, but it's very cheap

The food used, including tickets to scenic spots, is also very cheap

After coming back from Ukraine, we waited for the egg donor to promote the ovulation and matching to fertilized eggs

About a month later, a message came that five transplantable embryos, three women and two men, were matched

Then we asked that only female embryos should be implanted

The two sons had to apologize

We really had no fate

We waited another half month to tell us that we had been pregnant and sent a report for confirmation

I remember how happy I was that day

I was even happier than my son when he was born

I rushed home from other places to take my wife and son out to dinner to celebrate

I have a daughter and drink half a kilo

One month later, we were told that we had a single child, but we didn't feel sorry

If we had twins, we would be worried for 10 months

Then it was written at the beginning

Up to now, we only hope that the little angel will grow slowly

My parents and brothers are waiting for you to fly to our house!