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Why should human surrogacy be open to the test tube baby technology?

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If IVF technology is mature, why do people choose human surrogacy with ethical risks? What is the difference between the two? What are the pro interest rates? Price variance? 1

Test tube babies transfer embryos into their own womb; Surrogacy is the transfer of one's own embryo into another woman's womb

Fundamentally different

For example: Xiao Wang is 30 years old and married, but he cannot conceive by himself due to congenital absence of uterus

However, his ovarian function is good and he has normal eggs

So he went to a clinic in the United States for ovulation induction and ovulation induction

Then he combined with his husband's sperm to form an embryo, and later transferred the embryo to the surrogate mother Jessica

Later, Jessica got pregnant and gave birth

After the child was born, the parents' rights belonged to Mr

and Mrs



It can be seen from the above examples that sometimes acting as a surrogate is a last resort

The main situations are: congenital or acquired absence of uterus, and the uterus condition is too poor to be pregnant; In addition, single men who want to have children have to find a surrogate and an egg donor

Of course, I have met rich people who just don't want to have their own children


The favorable interest rate is mainly related to the egg quality and medical level of the mother to be


In terms of cost, the cost of surrogacy is much higher than that of pure test tubes

It is mainly the compensation for surrogate mothers

After all, people help pregnant and have children

First of all, there are several reasons: first, infertility

Although test tube babies can help many infertile patients solve their fertility problems, there are still some cases that cannot be solved by test tube babies alone, such as hysterectomy and thin endometrium, which are not suitable for pregnancy

At this time, surrogacy is needed

2、 Special diseases some special diseases can't be pregnant

If you get pregnant rashly, pregnancy risks may occur and even endanger your name, such as serious heart disease, lupus erythematosus, nephritis, tuberculosis, etc

3、 With the opening of the second child in China, there are more and more elderly pregnant women in China

However, elderly pregnancy is often accompanied by high risks

In order to avoid high risks, you can choose to be a surrogate

4、 In special circumstances, some people do not want to affect their career because of their work and career

At present, the social development is too fast

If they are pregnant for one or two years, it will be difficult for them to develop their career

Therefore, they will choose surrogacy to have children

Their career and children are the same

In short, although test tube babies can help infertility at present, some cases do require surrogacy

Because the test tube baby technology can not solve the problem of congenital uterus, it requires the help of other people's uterus, commonly known as giving birth by abdomen

Others choose surrogacy because they don't want to delay their career or are afraid of damaging their bodies, as well as some gay and single male compatriots

Test tube babies are responsible for combining sperm and eggs to form embryos, while surrogacy is responsible for transferring embryos to the uterus for nutrition, so as to give birth

There is a clear difference between the two: IVF is a medical technology of assisted reproduction

It takes out eggs from the mother through excretion promoting drugs and combines them with the father's sperm in vitro to form fertilized eggs

At this time, the IVF cycle is completed

The next step is the embryo transfer (ET) cycle

Surrogacy: Based on the IVF process of test tube baby, after embryo culture, because the mother cannot bear the task of giving birth to a baby, a surrogate mother is required to carry the growth and development from the embryo to birth

However, the children born have no genetic relationship with the surrogate mother

The difference in price lies in the link of surrogate mother

Because of childbirth, there are two key points

One is whether the seeds are good enough, and the other is whether the land is good enough

In my own words, we have no problem with seeds, but I don't have land

Some people may think the land is not fertile

This situation is not a problem that can be solved by test tubes

So we can only choose this kind of birth mode

If it can be simply treated or improved, I think most people are still willing to choose to have children by themselves

After all, most of them still have heart knot and hope to live by themselves

The test tube can solve the problem that the seeds of husband and wife can not be combined well, but the problem of land can not be solved by the test tube

However, in terms of medical technology, there is no good way to improve many land problems

Therefore, it is possible to change people

At present, the only way is to change people

Medical technology still has many limitations

There are still many problems to be solved

There are many unsolvable problems not only in fertility, but also in other diseases

It is expected that the rapid development of medical technology can benefit more people

But at present, many people still have to choose this way to have children for various reasons

The former can solve the problem of seed combination between husband and wife during pregnancy

The latter can solve the land problem that the woman needs to provide during pregnancy

Many families who choose the latter mode of birth are because the woman has land problems

If you choose the former, you can give birth as you wish

Generally, it is just that there are some difficulties in the combination of seeds between husband and wife, but there is no problem in the land

Therefore, the problem to be solved is totally different

It is because of the problem of land that we chose the latter mode of birth

For the former, I have done it many times, but it is invalid and I can't get the result

Try multiple times

Repeated attempts failed

Finally, we have to go to the latter

The former is much cheaper than the latter

The price difference may be 10 times

In terms of the favorable interest rate, if couples with seed problems choose the latter, the favorable interest rate is not high

If couples with land problems choose the latter, the favorable interest rate will be much higher

The problem is totally different