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International supermodel surrogates Chinese couples, hundreds of surrogate babies are stranded and unable to return home

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Recommend the study of discovery entrepreneurial immigrants? Investment immigration? House purchase immigration? Employer sponsored immigration? Expert immigrants? In August this year, a report in the US New York Times introduced the situation of surrogate babies in Ukraine under the COVID-19

1。 Detention? Due to the restrictions on entry and exit in many countries around the world, a considerable number of surrogate babies in Ukraine, known as the "surrogate capital" of Europe, are unable to be picked up by their parents after birth and are detained in hospitals and other nursing institutions

? This also happens in the United States

On October 12, CBS television reported that about 25 Chinese surrogate babies have been staying in the United States since they were born during the COVID-19, and have not been able to get together with their Chinese relatives so far

These babies are now distributed in Arizona, California and other places

? Previously, the Chicago Tribune also reported such an example

Zane was born in Chicago on May 29

His father was a Chinese lawyer and his mother was a social worker

The couple lived in southern China

They experienced several miscarriages and later came to the United States on the recommendation of the doctor

Through a surrogate agency, they found a surrogate mother in Illinois and gave birth safely

A Ukrainian agency caring for detained babies

However, the travel ban caused by the epidemic has prevented Zane's parents from bringing back their newborns to Iraq

Zane was brought back to Aurora by liweiqi, a former kind-hearted employee of the Chicago surrogacy agency

This employee also brought another Chinese baby who was also a surrogate to Germany

2。 Surrogacy in China, because surrogacy is illegal, a mysterious underground surrogacy industry chain has been created: it is composed of the demander, surrogacy agencies, surrogate mothers, doctors implementing surrogacy operations, and hospitals issuing birth certificates; As long as they are willing to spend money, they can &\34; Customize the perfect child;

In fact, the surrogacy industry in China is "invisible" after all, and the risks are greater

Among them, there are more &\34; Fraud &\34;, Mainly &\34; Egg changing &\34; And &\34; Concealing a baby's illness;

This situation makes Chinese couples who are eager to have babies turn to looking for surrogate parents abroad

At present, some states in the United States, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia are legal for commercial surrogacy, and these countries have become common destinations

In the United States, the whole surrogacy process usually takes about 15 months or more

Generally, couples seeking surrogacy are required to travel to the United States at least four times

The prices of surrogacy agencies vary, but in principle they range from US $130000 to US $200000

It is worth noting that most Chinese couples come to the United States or other countries after seeing advertisements on some domestic social platforms

These platforms are full of attractive advertisements: babies can be customized - sperm and eggs of international supermodels can be provided; Choose the education background and appearance of the surrogate mother

Compared with the United States, as a poorer country in Europe, the price of surrogacy in Ukraine can be said to be quite cheap

August 1, 2020 will be a good day for some Ukrainian surrogacy agencies active in Chinese social networks

Within six months from this day, Ukraine will exempt Chinese citizens who enter the country for tourism from visa

Since the reopening of the border in Ukraine, surrogacy agents who had been quiet during the epidemic began to publicize and sign up customers with high profile

The Chinese business of "surrogacy factories" in Eastern Europe is recovering

3。? The ideal of risk is very full, but the reality is always very skinny

Although some surrogate agencies claim that they can find high-quality surrogate mothers with "cabbage prices" and "Bao Shunli", there are still many risks for a small life from germination to safe landing

There was once an incident in Thailand that caused great uproar in the international community: an Australian couple once found a surrogate mother in Thailand

After the birth of one of their dragon and Phoenix twins, the baby girl was healthy, but the baby boy suffered from Down syndrome

Finally, the couple took away only the healthy baby girl and abandoned the sick baby boy

As a large surrogate country, Ukraine, such a situation is not uncommon

IRA, a surrogate mother, went to Northern Cyprus to give birth in February and watched the newborn child die on the table

In addition, surrogacy will also open the door for the dark network industry such as "human organ trading"

A large assisted reproductive medical institution in Irvine, California, once flatly rejected a large order from an intermediary agency: an Asian male customer found 50 egg sources through an intermediary, and the intermediary asked to cultivate 50 embryos at the same time in this hospital with better technology, and then carry out surrogate production

? In the California market, the cost of a complete set of assisted reproductive services is at least 150000 US dollars, and 50 sets are made at the same time, which is undoubtedly a lot of money for the hospital, and there are no technical barriers

However, the hospital believes that this is not assisted reproductive medicine, but mass production of children, which is suspected of the criminal activity of buying and selling human organs

? In any case, the emergence of surrogacy has indeed made up for the shortcomings of many parents

Its risk is not a medical or technical problem, but a moral, ethical and legal problem

? At present, it is more important to let the babies who are forced to stay because of the travel restrictions brought about by the epidemic hurry home

Pop, a surrogate lawyer in the United States, said that there are about 200 to 400 surrogate babies in the United States who cannot go home to reunite with their parents

Their parents are from China, Britain, France, Israel, etc

these newborns have to be taken care of temporarily by institutional employees, nurses, family friends or relatives

Popper said that surrogate lawyers have been pressing the US State Department to issue passports for the detained babies, but it has not been successful

I hope the babies can go home soon and be reunited with their parents

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