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After 30 years of independence, this country is still looked down upon and even derided as a European womb

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On august24,1991, the Ukrainian government issued a declaration of domestic independence, officially declaring that it had seceded from the Soviet Union and become an independent sovereign country

This is also the first time that Ukraine has broken away from Russian rule after 337 years

In fact, the Ukrainians and Russians come down in one continuous line

They both belong to the eastern Slavic nation and have similar language, history and culture

However, due to long-term rule by Russia, Ukrainians have always been dissatisfied

They long for independence and manage their own country

Today, 30 years after its independence, Ukraine is still regarded as a third rate country

After replacing six presidents and 17 prime ministers, the Ukrainians not only failed to solve domestic economic problems and geographical contradictions, but also lost control of the Crimean Peninsula and the eastern region

The repeated statement of continued civil strife holds that there is no problem for Ukraine to choose the path of independence

However, after independence, Ukraine has been trying to move closer to the West and wants to join NATO and the European Union

At the same time, Ukraine also strongly rejects the influence of Russia

Of course, if other countries do this, it may not be a problem

For example, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, the "three Baltic countries", were once part of the Soviet Union

After independence, they joined NATO and the European Union and became the so-called western countries

However, the economies of the three Baltic countries are good, and the people's living standards are very high

So why can't Ukraine do that? In conclusion, there are three main reasons: first, population structure

According to the 2001 census, Ukrainians accounted for about 77% of the total population

8%, while the Russian nationality accounts for about 17

The population is not large

As for the Russian people, their hearts are toward Russia, and they mainly live in the eastern region

In fact, they have formed a confrontation with the Ukrainians living in the central and western regions

Ukraine's ethnic and linguistic distribution map second, Russia's attitude

In Russia's view, Ukraine is far more important geographically than the three Baltic countries

Therefore, Russia will make greater efforts to prevent Ukraine from moving closer to the West

Third, the domestic attitude of the West

For the western countries, Ukraine is only a pawn against Russia, and does not really want Ukraine to wear the same pants as itself

For a long time, Ukraine has been working hard to join NATO and the EU

Every time, the West has given Ukraine hope, but it is just hope

The reality is that Ukrainians cannot cut with Russia; If it is to be cut, the country will inevitably split, which is the deep-seated reason for the continuous civil strife in Ukraine for 30 years

Continued civil strife in Europe will certainly affect economic development

As can be seen from the figure below, in the past 10 years, the GDP growth of Ukraine has been unstable, with negative growth of 10~20% for several times

Even if it is positive, it is only about 5%

Under the bad domestic situation, Ukrainians have tried every means to make money and even started surrogacy, which has been ridiculed as a "European womb"

According to Wikipedia, commercial surrogacy has been legal in Ukraine since 2002, and has attracted many other domestic customers due to its low price

In Ukraine, the price of surrogacy is about US $40000, from which the surrogate mother can get about 1

50000 US dollars, about 9

RMB 70000

The money is equivalent to the income of an ordinary Ukrainian in recent three years

Therefore, many Ukrainians will "sell" their wombs in order to make more money

In a word, Ukraine still needs to solve the problem of its development direction

It should not just beg for mercy at home in the West

This will only make people look down upon it

Of course, we can not go back to the era of kowtowing to Russia in the past

Ukraine should enhance its independence, make full use of its geographical advantages, and deal with Russia and the west, so that none of them can live without itself

More importantly, we should unite the Ukrainians and Russians in China and increase their sense of belonging and honor as Ukrainians# International community#