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Is the success rate of self spawning dy high in Ukraine?

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It feels like the profit rate after natural pregnancy

Some go well once, some go twice, or even many times

Incomplete statistics, success and failure 7:3

The reasons for failure are often very complex

Modern medicine can not find the reasons for most failures, but can only guess

For example, it may be uterine leiomyoma or autoimmunity

Sometimes it can only be described as luck

There are also many people who fail for the first time

It seems that they should not fail in all aspects: the surrogate mother is not old, the sperm quality is good, and the husband and wife are not old, but they also fail

Some hospitals promise to guarantee success

In fact, they are constantly trying

They can't always be so unlucky

What they bet on is probability

Any promise that can go smoothly once is playing a rogue

Although Ukraine is very poor, its medical treatment level is not poor

As a legal dy country, many infertile couples go there one after another

However, if you want to know your favorable interest rate, you still have to depend on your physical condition

If your physical condition is too poor, no matter which country you go to, there is nothing you can do to find a doctor

Therefore, do you want to go to Ukraine Dy, or do a physical examination in China first, Take a look at your physical condition

If you are too poor and don't want to donate eggs, don't waste money

After all, this is not a small amount

Assisted reproductive technology in Ukraine can not be said to take the lead in the world, but it is relatively mature

However, there are large differences between hospitals

In case of self egg surrogacy, under the condition that the quality of self sperm egg is determined, the effect of promoting ovulation, embryo culture, transplantation, etc

are also particularly critical

Therefore, it is better to choose a hospital with rich doctor experience and good laboratory equipment

The favorable interest rate is OK

I passed it last year

When I went to pick up my baby this year, I met my fellow countryman hahaha

What a fate

Later, she kept talking with me about the Ukrainian test tube

I patiently told her one by one, but more recently, she told me that the first time failed

I ran to comfort her for a day and told her what she needed to pay more attention to next time

After that, I finally became emotionally stable

When I left, she told me to go again after the epidemic

I also sent my blessing

I hope she can go again! Compared with her, my luck is much better

I expect to receive the news of her "good pregnancy" in 2021, which is basically about 80%-90%

Generally, younger patients + their bodies are not seriously affected, and generally they pass the test once

If they are well conditioned at an advanced age, many patients pass the test once

If they do not pass the test twice, it is basically no major problem

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