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Cosmetic surgery? Surrogacy? Once more popular than Zheng Shuang, now no one knows his face

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I don't know if you still remember the meteor shower we chased together! Zhang Han plays the domineering president of the student version Zhuzixiao is an arrogant and uninhibited handsome man, yuhaoming is a pale little prince of music, Zheng Shuang, who plays Chu Yuyu, who is a grass-roots but excellent in both character and learning

After she was admitted to the dream Ellison college, she had a love hate relationship with Murong Yunhai, duanmulei, Shangguan Ruiqian and ye Shuo, the four young students on the campus

Although she was roast because of many bugs in the plot in those years, it is a true youth memory of the generation 90

Now nearly eight years have passed, and the men and women who are praised by the show have different lives with each other

In addition to Zheng Shuang, there was another attractive girl in the play

She was Zheng Shuang's best friend and Xiao Yu, who loved Shangguan wholeheartedly

Her original name was chenyina

However, after performing two "meteor showers", I hardly saw her, and I still talked about why such a sweet girl didn't act

Chen Yina's role as Xiao Yu in "let's watch the meteor shower" has been loved by many audiences

Later, she also participated in plays such as "pride of youth" and "lips ready to move"

She also served as the book model of writer Rao Xueman

It was not until later that she found out that her name was chenzhaoyu instead of chenyina

She felt that she had quietly changed her face

But she didn't admit it herself, saying that women have changed since their 18th birthday

When I was a child, I was pretty cute

It's a little bigger and longer

And then it was like this

She has always been a recognizable beauty

But now there is the shadow of liuzichen

Don't think it's a photo scam

The live broadcast is like this

All parts are upgraded versions of photos

Therefore, you may not believe that women's University 28 has changed! Looking at the comparison before and after, the chin line is much more supple

The eyes are upgraded to European style big parallel, larger than one size

Look at the photos on Weibo

If you don't really know this is Xiaoyu in those years

In addition to changing her face, chenzhaoyu was also rumored to be les, who helped a les surrogate a test tube baby

She didn't know what she had experienced and could only wish her happiness~

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