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Same wife? Surrogacy? Cheating marriage? Why does the legalization of same marriage have a long way to go?

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At present, the website of the National People's Congress of China is soliciting public opinions

All friends who support the legalization of same marriage are invited to put forward their opinions on the website

Here is an operation guide

I hope it can help you# On September 11, in the LGBT circle, such a microblog appeared in the air, but caused an uproar

Speaking for and fighting for the rights and interests of minorities is the performance of promoting social civilization and progress

Why does such a microblog cause such extreme and different social repercussions? The focus of the debate is on the following two opinions: 1

The age of marriage was gradually reduced to 18

"Chinese citizens at the age of 18 already have full civil capacity, and marriage is a civil act, so the marriage age should be gradually reduced to 18

" Original opinion: lower the age of marriage

Lower the age of marriage refers to the lower age of legal marriage

So what are the reasons for the proposal? China will enter a low fertility country

After the implementation of the "comprehensive two child" policy, China should continue to adjust the policy and intensify efforts to ensure that the domestic birth rate rises to the ideal level

Opponents' voices are also easy to explain: they worry that reducing the legal age of marriage will connive at early marriage, thus causing a series of social problems

Considering the national conditions, the 18-year-old has just graduated from the third year of senior high school

He has almost no social experience, and the opponents' concerns are not unreasonable

2。 Put forward "artificial assisted reproduction service" and "goodwill counterpart", and put forward the appeal of the same sex to have children

"A third party providing assisted reproductive services, such as a sperm donor, shall be regarded as a bona fide counterpart and shall not be required to bear the responsibility for upbringing

" Original opinion: proposed "artificial assisted reproductive services" many homosexuals also want to have their own children

Let's analyze that if you want to have children, you need sperm, eggs and uterus

Lesbians can get it by donating sperm

While gay men can only raise their children, where do other remedies come from? From the interpretation of the opinions: "the third party providing artificial assisted reproductive services, such as sperm donors", "donation", "etc", we can see that the intention of the opinion proposer is to donate like sperm

"Egg donation"? "Uterus lease"? Despite the current laws in China, it has never been expressly stipulated that "surrogacy is legal"

In terms of physical attrition alone, women have a fixed number of ovulates in their lifetime, so the risk of egg donation is very high and may affect women's health

As a carrier of the giving birth to a newborn, uterus has not been developed to be separated from and cultivated in vitro

Therefore, in the process of giving birth to children, the cooperation of women is essential

Gay men want to have their own children

In order to obtain them legally, it seems natural for some gay men to support surrogacy

Let's imagine that after "surrogacy is legal", will we be able to distinguish between those surrogate mothers in more than 30 provinces across the country who carry out surrogacy voluntarily and whether the surrogacy costs can be completely in our own hands? Will some relatives force the women in their family to do surrogacy? Is surrogate technology mature? Who will bear the consequences if there are casualties during the surrogacy process? How to identify "surrogate" behavior as a commercial behavior? Or donation? Once "surrogacy is legal", will the crime rate of abducting and trafficking women rise sharply There is nothing wrong with the "rainbow flag" gay group, which symbolizes the gay community, wanting to have children, but it is inappropriate to force their wishes on women with a "legal" hat

From the perspective of respecting others, we need to respect others if we want to be respected by others

It may be more in line with the actual reporting / feedback than the "artificial assisted reproductive services" proposed at present to actually solve the demands of such groups, while promoting the legality of same marriage and calling for their adoption of children

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