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"Surrogate mother" in Guangzhou

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According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the reporter learned from the family planning department on the 3rd that when family planning staff in Jingxi street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou visited people of childbearing age, they accidentally found and verified three "surrogate mothers", of whom the younger was only 20 years old

The staff handling the incident received a threatening mobile phone saying that each surrogate woman was worth millions

On the morning of February 27, the staff of Baiyun District family planning department carried out the spring family planning quality service activities

In July and October 2008, some media reported that there were surrogate women in Guangzhou

"We looked at the photos and knew where they were

" Zhou Xinliang, chief of the publicity, education and laws section of the district population and Family Planning Bureau, said that they initially delineated a community in Jingxi street

At 10 a


that day, four staff members came to the 16th floor of a community

The staff found a pregnant woman in each of the three bedrooms in a suite

According to the preliminary inquiry, the three women were Li, Hu and GUI, all of whom were pregnant before marriage

Li was pregnant for 2 months and the other two were 4 months

The staff of the family planning bureau then took relevant personnel to the Jingxi Street sub district office for detailed inquiry

During the questioning, the three women were very calm and did not hide or avoid any questions

"Do you have a boyfriend?" "No"

"How did you get pregnant without a boyfriend?" "Generational pregnancy"

According to the preliminary inquiry, the three women were all poor

One of them found a surrogate agency after searching the Internet, and the other two were introduced by friends

After arriving in Guangzhou at different times, the three received the "test tube baby implantation" operation, and then were sent to the 16th floor of the community in batches

The surrogate women said that they never go out and do not know anything about the intermediary

At about 3 p


that day, three women were taken to Taihe people's hospital

According to section chief Zhou, after arriving at the hospital, GUI made a phone call, and then the three people changed their attitudes and cried

"We suspect that she called the online phone, and the online told her how to deal with it

" The operation was subsequently completed

On that night, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Taihe hospital received at least 10 threatening mobile phones, saying that each of these surrogate women was worth millions, and asked "how much is a doctor worth?" The "surrogate mother" incident attracted great attention from the Baiyun District Party committee and the district government, and a special incident coordination and handling team was set up

At present, the case is still under further investigation

Surrogacy process ◎ unmarried women sign a surrogacy agreement at the price of 100000 yuan for successfully giving birth to a child

◎ accept IVF operation after the agreement

◎ after the operation, the intermediary organization will arrange to live in the designated place, including food and shelter, and special personnel will take care of it

Surrogate price ◎ birth fee

Pay a deposit of 50000 yuan before pregnancy and another 50000 yuan after the pregnancy

◎ rent

1。 RMB 680000, rent a set of 3 rooms and 1 hall for half a year

◎ female fee

800 yuan / month

◎ living expenses

2000 yuan / month