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Is IVF safe?

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Generally, if everything goes smoothly, this is still relatively safe

You can rest assured that it is generally OK

First of all, you can have a better physical examination

Thailand test tube baby hospital has mature and rich methods and experience from medication scheme, operation and post-operative monitoring, which has become the preferred choice for the fertility and fertility of infertile families

In fact, test tube baby is to take out the sperm of the man and the egg of the woman respectively from the body, then carry out in vitro artificial insemination, and then transfer the bred embryo back to the woman's womb for implantation

After that, it is the same as natural pregnancy

Biologically speaking, there is no difference between the naturally combined sperm and egg babies and the artificially inseminated test tube babies

They are all bred by the combination of the sperm and eggs of the husband and wife

The children are the same in terms of intelligence and physical strength

Although IVF treatment is usually safe, as with any medical procedure, there are risks

However, as long as there are problems, communicate with the doctor in time and follow the doctor's advice, there will be no big problems

The gene screening function of the third generation test tube technology in China is limited

Only genetic patients can be tested

Only provincial hospitals can do the third generation test tube baby, and medical certificates such as chromosome abnormalities and multiple abortions need to be provided

If the conditions are not met, only the first or second-generation test tube technology can be selected to help pregnancy

Therefore, the third-generation test tube for most families exists in name only, and more are the second-generation technology

Therefore, many families who intend to make the third-generation test tube will choose to go to Thailand to make the test tube

The third generation of test tube infants in Thailand use PGD technology to screen high-quality embryos for implantation into the mother

It is mainly used to check whether the embryo carries genes with genetic defects

It can screen 126 kinds of chromosome genetic diseases and family genetic diseases and detect sex chromosomes, effectively avoid a variety of genetic diseases and ensure the health of infants

More recently, more and more infertile sisters came to me and asked me "is test tube baby safe in Thailand?" I can understand their feelings very much

On the one hand, they are anxious to help pregnancy through test tube baby, on the other hand, they are worried about the insecurity of test tube baby

In fact, IVF is not as terrible as you think

IVF is an assisted reproductive technology, which has a history of many years and is relatively mature

Test tube baby in Thailand is to take oocytes from the woman's ovaries, combine them with sperm in vitro, culture and develop into embryos, and then transfer them to the woman's uterine cavity for implantation and development into a fetus until delivery

In fact, as long as you go to a regular hospital for test tube baby surgery, you don't have to worry about safety at all

Now the world's first test tube baby has given birth to a healthy child

Moreover, according to the research of scholars in various countries, there should be no difference in IQ between test tube babies and naturally pregnant children

So, this is why I felt relieved to go to Thailand to be a test tube baby

In other words, the safety of test tube babies in Thailand can still be guaranteed

There is no obvious difference between this technology and natural fertility

Generally speaking, the children born are relatively healthy

There are even some examples that are healthier and more intelligent than the children being born

The gene screening of Thai test tube babies can indeed make the baby's genes better

Thai test tube babies still have a certain safety guarantee

You can rest assured that you don't have to worry

Moreover, Thai test tube babies are relatively cost-effective and are favored by domestic couples in many aspects

At the end of last year, I made three generations of test tube babies in China because of polycystic ovary

I cultivated four qualified blastocysts and carefully selected two transplants

Both of them were successfully implanted and developed

The test tube was smooth! Despite what I say now, I had hesitation and fear before I made the test tube

Because I heard that I had to have injections every day to promote ovulation

I also had to puncture the ovaries to promote ovulation

Later, I had to put embryos into the uterus

Worried that promoting excretion would accelerate aging, hurt the ovaries and uterus, and whether there would be any bad problems for the children born in the future

After worrying for a long time, they were taken to the hospital to start the journey of test tube baby (it's really not easy for women), and then they realized that their worries were really superfluous

The doctor said that test tube baby was a minor operation, so they actively cooperated Timely feedback the physical condition with the doctor, and there will be no problem

First, promoting ovulation does not accelerate aging

Promoting ovulation is to "ripen" follicles that cannot grow into eggs, which will not consume additional eggs and cause premature ovarian failure; Moreover, the needle used to promote drainage is very thin

The doctor said that after a period of rest, they will recover themselves and will not cause great damage to the ovaries

Now she is 27 weeks pregnant

There is no problem in going to the hospital for regular examination

It is safe to experiment with test tube babies in person, which is not as terrible as many people describe

Therefore, if there is a problem of infertility, it is better to go to the hospital in time to find out the cause

If you need to do test tube baby, don't delay, do it early and suffer less, and it is easier to go smoothly

At present, the favorable interest rate of the first and second generation test tubes is 30~40%, and the favorable interest rate of the third generation test tubes I chose is higher, usually above 60%

Choose according to your own situation

As far as the technology of test tube baby is concerned, it is safe

After all, it has a history of development for decades

But the more important thing is that it depends on where you choose to be a test tube baby

If you choose a black heart underground clinic, there is no safety

If you go to a regular hospital, it must be safe

There is no need to worry about it

The test tube baby hospital in Thailand has a set of mature experience from the beginning of conditioning medication to the promotion of drainage, transplantation and postoperative follow-up

It has helped many infertile families bring good pregnancy here

In fact, IVF is not too complicated, that is, sperm and eggs are taken out of the body respectively, and then inseminated in vitro to form fertilized eggs

After screening, healthy embryos are transferred to the mother according to the customer's opinions, so that the embryos can be implanted and developed in the mother

Then, like natural pregnancy, they also need to protect the fetus and deliver later

Although the IVF technology is safe, there are risks in everything

Therefore, if you have problems, you must remember to communicate with the doctor and follow the doctor's advice

At present, Thailand is different from China

The third generation in Thailand has no restrictions

Before transplantation, check whether the embryo carries genes with genetic defects

It can screen 100 kinds of chromosomal genetic diseases and familial genetic diseases, avoid many diseases, ensure the health of the next generation, and identify x/y

This also makes many domestic customers prefer to come to Thailand for the third generation test tube

However, the actual environment is not ideal, so we don't know when we can go abroad, so we can consider domestic ones

After all, time is very important for the interest rate of the test tube, and the Three-Generation technology is the same at home and abroad, so we can also choose embryos according to our own wishes

Why should we sacrifice our near future? As far as I know, many families who can't go abroad because of the epidemic are pregnant in China, so let's find more relationships, Three generations of domestic test tubes are not so difficult!