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The complexity of surrogacy is far from simple

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Chanting / writing   A piece of entertainment news went out of the circle to the public sphere and triggered more discussions than the gossip after dinner &mdash& mdash; Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng went to the United States for surrogacy

After their relationship broke up, the child became a hot potato

What stung the public's nerves was the recording of how the families of both sides dealt with their children

It was like they were talking about how to deal with a commodity: can they return it? If you can't return it, just give it away

Whoever wants it will take it away

Don't get involved any more

Anyone with a basic conscience will be angry

You know, they are two more delicate and innocent lives that need to be cared for

China has always been opposed to surrogacy in terms of regulation, although there are ambiguous legal areas

The administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology formulated and adopted by the Ministry of health in 2001 clearly stipulates that medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogacy technology

However, the regulation is aimed at medical institutions and medical personnel, and there is no clear regulation on the surrogacy behavior of individual citizens or even the surrogacy business of intermediary institutions

In 2015, when the population and family planning law was revised, the draft “ No surrogacy ” Relevant provisions of

Civil surrogacy has been controversial

A supportive view is that surrogacy helps the infertile and widowed groups obtain children to some extent

We should face up to this demand, and it is better to block than to drain

There is a further point of view than this: as long as both parties are willing to have the freedom to trade, this is a market category, and adults' affairs do not need to be interfered

I object to the views of market liberals

The complexity of surrogacy is far more than the market contract with black words on a white background

It is not as simple as your love and wish, mutual benefit and win-win results

It is not only related to a few adults, do not ignore the resulting child

If surrogacy is regarded as a transaction, the object of the transaction is a new life without option

How can their rights and interests be protected? If a defective child is born, the client has the right to “ Reject ” Do you? In 2014, an Australian couple passed a Thai girl's surrogate pregnancy

The birth inspection found that the boy in the dragon and Phoenix fetus was suffering from Down syndrome

The surrogate mother refused abortion for religious reasons, and finally entrusted the couple to take away the healthy baby girl

This case caused international protests, and then Thailand legislated against commercial surrogacy; A surrogate business practitioner in the United States said that many clients would ask them to indicate in the contract that if the child has any disease after birth, it can be avoided; In Ukraine, where surrogacy is legal, due to the spread of the COVID-19, many babies born by surrogacy are detained in hospitals

They should have snuggled up in the arms of their mothers, but they lie in rows on small beds in hospitals &mdash& mdash; These examples remind us that it is too one-sided and simplistic and unethical to regard surrogacy as a contractual transaction without considering the life and emotional factors

This is why surrogacy is prohibited in most countries, such as France, Germany and Switzerland

In France, surrogate children born overseas cannot obtain French citizenship

Some countries that allow surrogacy, such as Britain, have also made strict restrictions &mdash& mdash; Prohibit commercial surrogacy and insist on “ Parturient ” In the traditional definition of mother, the entrusting husband and wife can only obtain parental status by applying to the court for parental authority order

On the other hand, I understand the desire of the infertile and orphaned groups for children, and I also admit that this is indeed an objective demand

At this level, I am not totally opposed to surrogacy, but I still feel that the ethical and legal difficulties involved are very complex and not simple “ Release ” It's enough

If such demands are reasonable and can not be avoided or ignored, we can “ Standardized surrogacy ” And how to regulate it? Should we impose strict restrictions on the surrogate's client? Surrogate can only be used as a later means if it is medically confirmed that even through assisted reproduction, it is impossible to conceive and give birth by itself? If, as in the UK, commercial surrogacy is prohibited but non-commercial surrogacy is open, and the reasonable cost for surrogacy is allowed to be no more than the fee, how to define the scope of reasonable cost? If we say that surrogacy needs to be based on ethical supervision, then who will supervise it will be unfair? Professor wangyifang of the Humanities Research Institute of Peking University has a representative view

He believes that “ Ethics should not be a burden of surrogate technology, but a tool to promote the orderly development of technology& rdquo; However, when technology shows its great power, can we really hold the border? I have no definite answer to these questions

However, in any case, surrogacy is a very complex issue, which cannot be simplified to the level of market contract

Commercial surrogacy with profits is more complex and uncontrollable

If surrogacy is regarded as a technological progress to make life better, its use should be based on the desire and respect for life and strictly limited within the ethical boundaries