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Every year, about 1000 people in China go to the United States for surrogacy. Don't believe that "success is guaranteed"

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The second child alone was released, and the application rate was lower than the official expectation

Some people are reluctant to have children, while others go abroad to have children

Wuxiaoling, from Shunde, Guangdong Province, started her second child plan with her husband

However, the long-awaited new policy for the second child came a little late

At the age of 46, she missed a better childbearing age

After several miscarriages, the doctor told her that she was not suitable to be pregnant again

In order to have another child, she came to Shanghai to exchange needs with fellow Chinese who have the same needs as the couple in a small circle

Go to the United States as a surrogate and get into her sight

Nowadays, among families trying to intervene pregnancy artificially, the number of test tube babies and even surrogacy in the United States is quietly increasing

Wuxiaoling said that she wanted to go to the United States to have a baby as a surrogate because there was only one way to avoid having a baby secretly

She hoped that her child would be innocent

In China, surrogacy is illegal

Rao is so

Underground surrogacy agencies in Wuhan, Shenzhen and other places are active

The reporter learned from a number of underground surrogacy institutions that in recent years, the business growth rate of institutions with better operation has been more than 30%

However, due to her illegality, Wuxiaoling was unable to know the surrogate mother's disease screening and physical health status, and could not understand the surrogate mother's family background, family history, physical and mental health, let alone the medical technology and guarantee provided by the small clinic of cooperative surrogacy

Wuxiaoling had to embark on a foreign road of test tube surrogacy

The couple inquired from many sources and first thought of going to Thailand

However, a news about the "Japanese tycoon surrogate nine children in Thailand" made them confirm that this road is also illegal

When reporting this news, the Bangkok Post mentioned that at present, only the code of conduct of the Thai Medical Council has provisions on surrogacy in Thailand

The guidelines, which were drafted in 1997 and revised in 2002, prohibit paid surrogacy and only allow sperm or eggs to come from relatives of the surrogate

The surrogate destination is the United States

Because of the same goal, Wuxiaoling met Peng di

Peng Di has started surrogacy in the United States, and his baby will be born in May this year

Choose the United States, because there are four states that allow surrogacy, and provide protection from the legal, medical, service and other aspects

He also found that there was an independent third-party organization that regularly collected, analyzed and evaluated the data of surrogacy clinics and service institutions

Peng Di chose the No

1 professional service organization in a non-profit organization

Then, according to their recommendations, combined with the information and rankings on the official website of the United States Centers for Disease Control and the official assisted reproduction Association, a hospital in Oregon was selected to perform surrogacy

Peng Di, his partner and the surrogate mother signed a formal legal contract under the witness of both lawyers

In recent months, they have received emails and photos from surrogate mothers almost every week to share the joy of welcoming a new life with each other

"After the birth of our child, the lawyer will handle the child's birth certificate and U



The legal parents' right of the newborn will be awarded to us according to law

The column of parents on the birth certificate will be our name

" Peng Di said that the fees they need to pay are paid monthly according to the progress of pregnancy through a trust account

Every year, about 1000 people in China go to the United States to surrogate Peng Di, which makes Wuxiaoling hope again

Search "surrogacy" on Baidu, and many underground surrogacy agencies will appear

Some intermediary agencies have estimated that there are about 1000 Chinese children born in the United States every year after artificial intervention

Of course, the exact number may always be a mystery

Among these people, quite a few choose surrogacy, and many choose to buy eggs, which is difficult to do legally in China

An intermediary told the Yangcheng Evening News that the proportion of pure test tube babies in the United States is not large, mainly because the price is too expensive compared with domestic hospitals

A few days after the interview, Wuxiaoling decided to follow Peng Di's footsteps and invest in the flood of 1000 people every year

John Heisler, MD, Oregon reproductive medicine center, is a top professional in reproductive medicine in the United States

In an exclusive interview with a reporter from Yangcheng Evening News, he analyzed that people all over the world, including those in France, Israel, China, Italy and other countries, who want to be test tube babies, go to the United States for medical treatment because of the high level of test tube baby technology in the United States

The new comprehensive chromosome screening technology uses comparative genomic hybridization to examine 46 chromosomes one by one, so as to improve the implantation rate


hasla's reproductive medicine center has an independent gene department

It is one of the few top reproductive medicine centers in the United States with internal genetics experts and gene screening laboratories

According to their CCS operation statistics since 2010, after excluding chromosome problems, older women also have a high pregnancy rate and live birth rate

The interview pass rate of surrogate mothers is less than 10%

Before signing the contract, Peng Di and his partner need to pass the tests of lawyers and psychologists

In fact, participants in the whole process, including egg donors, surrogate mothers and parents to be, need to go through these two checks

"The psychiatrist will give us psychological counseling, communicate the anxiety we may encounter in the process of assisted childbirth and guide us how to deal with it

He will even ask us how we plan to tell the child how he came from, how we plan to introduce the child to family and friends, and how we plan time and money to raise the child

" Peng said

More time-consuming is to find a surrogate mother

It is said that the intermediary agency will understand the personalized needs of surrogate mothers with prospective parents one-on-one, and then help them publish advertisements for surrogate mothers in local media, and then interview candidates, and finally give qualified candidates to prospective parents for interviews

At this time, the lawyer and the psychologist appeared again

They evaluated and verified the candidate's psychological, family and work conditions

"We finally chose an intern nurse

She did surrogacy to earn money to study for a better degree and get a better job

She had a healthy baby, was raising her own child, passed the assessment of a professional psychologist, had no infectious diseases, had no criminal background and civil litigation records with her family members, and had a good family environment

" Peng Di told reporters

In an interview with Yangcheng Evening News, Wu Yu, director of the southern Reproductive Medicine Department of Shanghai No

1 people's Hospital, pointed out that the domestic IVF technology is not much behind that of the United States, but there are some restrictions in terms of application

She introduced that some top medical institutions in China can also screen the chromosomes of test tube baby embryos, and the screening laboratory technology can support the embryo development to the fifth day before slicing

However, there are some regulatory restrictions on chromosome screening in China, such as the inability to screen for sex and the fact that embryos are cultured in the laboratory only until the third day

Wuxiaoling went to hospitals in Guangzhou and Shanghai to ask doctors to do CCS screening for her test tube baby

However, this technology in China is basically only aimed at people with clear indications of genetic diseases, and she does not meet the requirements

In terms of egg donation and sperm donation, the measures for the administration of human assisted reproductive technology promulgated and implemented by the domestic health and Family Planning Commission in 2001 stipulates that the development of human assisted reproductive technology can only be used for couples who have proved that they cannot conceive naturally

Couples in need can obtain eggs and sperm by providing help, but "it is prohibited to trade gametes, zygotes and embryos in any form"

However, sperm and egg donation through formal channels need to wait in line

In fact, it is difficult to obtain eggs from formal channels in China at present

Wu Yu revealed that egg donation is generally only for those who are in the same ward and also promote the excretion of test tube babies

If someone has more eggs, they can consider donating them to those who need them through the coordination of doctors

But in fact, few people are willing to give it to others, because no matter how many eggs they have, they also hope to use them

Although it looks beautiful, some experts point out that it costs a lot of time and money to go to the United States for surrogacy or test tube baby

Peng Di's surrogate program, including the purchase of eggs and the payment of surrogate mother's fees, has a total cost of nearly 1million yuan

If you only use your own eggs and sperm to make test tube babies, it will cost more than 200000 yuan to complete the process

In addition to the high cost, there are also risks in some details


hasla pointed out that any IVF operation plan needs to be tailored

No one can guarantee 100% success

Those black hearted intermediaries who offer high prices and promise to go to the United States to "guarantee success" are not credible

Wu Yu reminded that there are great differences in the response of different ethnic groups to ovulation inducing drugs

Domestic doctors may have more experience in the response of Chinese women to ovulation inducing drugs

In addition, even though there are four states in the United States where surrogacy is legal, there are still no relevant provisions in Chinese laws that recognize the legitimacy of surrogacy

When you go to the United States as a surrogate, your child's birth certificate can be written with the help of a lawyer with the names of Chinese parents

You can become an American citizen or return to China to become a Chinese citizen

However, surrogacy in China is still a gray area, and the choice of surrogacy abroad has great uncertainty

What's more, at present, intermediaries are mixed

How to ensure that they are not "trapped" by black intermediaries is also very eye-catching

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