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Analysis of legal and guarantee cases of surrogacy at home and abroad

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Many patients were told by the doctor that they could only be surrogate or, so they started online self-study

Many of them met some black intermediaries or half cheaters who exaggerated the propaganda

They were fooled and stunned

From the perspective of industry practitioners, they disclosed the operation mode of domestic surrogate agencies and some questions frequently asked by customers in this field, so as to facilitate the patients to find their own satisfactory agencies to start childbirth as soon as possible----------------------------- The legitimacy of surrogacy that patients are concerned about is currently common in the market: domestic surrogacy, Thai, Cambodian surrogacy, American surrogacy, Russian surrogacy and Ukrainian surrogacy

All institutions say how good their own regional surrogacy is

If it is a crime, it can understate the risk as no big problem

At present, the violation of surrogacy is a crime punishable by prison fines in China: Thailand (only surrogacy for native people), Cambodia, India, Laos, etc

see the news for details: 33 Cambodian women who are surrogacy for Chinese couples are prosecuted for higher charges or sentenced to 20 years

The Chinese boss hired Thai women to Laos for surrogacy and was arrested to earn 90% of the price difference

These places are economically backward, the surrogate Commission is extremely cheap, and the medical cost is cheap, It has become a means for many intermediaries to take risks to attract customers with price advantages

However, there is no guarantee

Even the intermediaries themselves may go to prison

How can you protect your property------------------------------- At present, surrogacy is completely legal in Georgia, Russia and some states of the United States

Georgia is believed that no one will go there

Ukraine has recently been entrusted by intermediaries

However, the situation in Ukraine is unstable, the medical technology is low, and the third-generation test tube PGs, China, Russia, Thailand and the United States are all checking 23 pairs of chromosomes

Ukraine can only check 7-9 pairs

In addition, the local surrogacy market in Ukraine is chaotic, and hospitals and intermediaries work together to entrap people, For details, please refer to the blood and tears history of the patient's Ukrainian surrogacy: Rouge: what if the Ukrainian surrogacy service is interrupted? Don't be credulous

The relatively reliable environment for black intermediaries is that the overall price of surrogacy in Russia and the United States is about one-half to one-third of that in the United States

The United States has a long period of waiting for the younger sibling and surrogate mother, but the arrival of the child is the United States green card

Although both the two places are legal and the overall environment is OK, they have been cheated There are still many patients who have been cheated

We know the history of American surrogacy: let me talk about the unreliability of American surrogacy, so as to avoid some losses for the Chinese people!? Sunsunshine23: California cheater surrogate agency, please be careful not to be cheated

Think about who provided the documents you signed, who hired a lawyer at a high price to write them, and whose interests are more biased and protected

In the surrogacy process, the surrogacy institutions and clinics will try to avoid the risks they have encountered or may encounter, and transfer them to the customers

If you really understand the process and the law, will the other party agree when you put forward additional terms to protect your own interests------------------------------------ At present, surrogacy is a gray country: in China, simply speaking, domestic laws and regulations only prohibit hospital doctors from engaging in surrogacy operations, otherwise there will be appropriate penalties, but there is no restriction on individuals' entrusted surrogacy, engaged in surrogacy, or introduced surrogacy

Children born through surrogacy can also be protected by law in China, and can normally go to the household register for the death of young couples, These four Yixing old people who lost their independence have embarked on the road of overseas surrogacy

News Guide: Star News in the pregnancy sector in the 2018's, four old people who lost their independence took out embryos from public hospitals to find surrogacy and gave birth to offspring

After the paternity test, you can register legally

At present, only the administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology issued by the former Ministry of Health (renamed the health and Family Planning Commission after integration in 2013) in 2001 has clearly stipulated that medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogacy technology

It also clearly stipulates the legal liability of medical institutions for illegally implementing surrogacy, that is, the health administrative department of the people's Government of the province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the central government shall give a warning, a fine of less than 30000 yuan, and give administrative sanctions to the relevant responsible person

At the end of 2015, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress voted to adopt the amendment to the population and family planning law

Compared with the previous draft, the voting draft deleted the relevant provisions of "Prohibition of surrogacy"

"So far, China's laws and administrative regulations have not made clear prohibitive provisions on surrogacy

" Yanglixin, a professor of the Law School of Renmin University of China, told the Beijing news that the provisions of the former Ministry of health were only administrative regulations, which did not have the effect of restricting people's rights and could not be used as a legal basis for prohibiting surrogacy--------------------------------------- Conclusion: I believe that many foreign intermediaries will persuade customers to do foreign business on the grounds that domestic business is illegal and there is no guarantee

For customers, whether there is a guarantee of legitimacy is only one of them

The key is to comprehensively look at the institution and estimate the risk cost in the operation process

Those who have to pay a large amount of fees in the early stage, whether legal or not, the risk is certainly high

If they can be nearby, they should participate in each step and pay in stages, The risk can be controlled

First, you can understand yourself and become an expert

Then, you can ask an intermediary or institution to see whether it is professional or unprofessional

You can skip the next chapter: from the first perspective, explain the operation of surrogacy institutions