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Why did Hua Chenyu admit to marrying zhangbichen and having children at this time?

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"This time" is more critical

Because "this time" created a textbook Level Public Relations case

First of all, make it clear: in any case, unmarried children of stars must be and will be hyped as a huge scandal

Especially in the current public opinion environment, the public has zero tolerance for moral flaws of stars

"Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen are unmarried and pregnant" is an established result

What the process is like is not so important in the past, because the current public opinion ecology, the result is the only target, and the process can be fabricated and circulated through various publicity needs

For the PR team of Hua Chenyu and zhangbichen, there are two problems: 1

Grasp the time when the incident broke out and turn the crisis into an opportunity


Make the process more important than the result, and have the sole right to explain the process

To select a time point, you need to select a benchmarking event

If your event is less explosive than this event, then your time point of disclosure will be later than the benchmarking event, and the time line will be longer

It is better to be at the later stage of the impact of the benchmarking event

If your event is more shocking than the benchmarking event, you can choose to explode yourself first, and then through contacts, media resources, and even purchase information, you can make your own events erupt and several small events erupt continuously, which can also achieve the effect of dispersing the public's attention

Let's take a closer look at the case of Huachen Yu Zhang Bichen's unmarried pregnancy

On January 18, 2021, the whole network exposed the news of Zheng Shuang's surrogacy

After two days of fermentation and continuous excavation of new materials, around the 20th, public opinion completely determined the nature of the event, serious moral problems and illegal acts

On the 21st, the radio and television commentary banned Zheng Shuang

This is the end of the incident

The event was basically ended in the form of administrative means

There is nothing to extend

That is to say, Zheng Shuang's surrogacy event has ended, and all that remains is the space for sporadic reflection and paragraph re creation

At 5:45 p


on the 22nd, huachenyu announced that he and she had a child

At 5:51 p


, Zhang Bichen tweeted to explain the cause and effect

Then at 5:56 p


, Huachen Yufa micro blogged to express his love for children

After two hours of public opinion fermentation, "huachenyu studio" issued a solemn statement at about 8:30

So far, a whole set of public relations process has been completed, and the completion is extremely beautiful

Analyze the full meaning of this crisis public relations one by one: 1

The choice of time point

There are two obvious advantages to disclose your own incident on the first day when Zheng Shuang's time has come to an end

1: comparative advantage

Compared with Zheng Shuang's surrogacy and abandonment, unmarried pregnancies have much smaller moral defects

On the 22nd, the public has not come out of their anger at Zheng Shuang's surrogacy and abandonment

Hua Chenyu is also an image used to bear the responsibility of parenting

Compared with the two, Hua Chenyu's moral defects have become a moral highlight

Second: control the extent and scope of the outbreak of public opinion

Since the 18th, the public has been in a state of intensive eating melons for Zheng Shuang

They are highly enthusiastic and energetic

When Zheng Shuang's time comes to an end on the 21st, the public has shown obvious fatigue and boredom

Then on the 22nd, the public opinion scope and influence of Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen's unmarried pregnancy will inevitably weaken

Everyone said on the Internet that they could not eat melons


Release rhythm of event information

Hua Chenyu distributed a microblog at 5:45 p


to admit that he and she had children

Then zhangbichen distributed a microblog at 5:51 p


to explain the whole process of the incident, and established solid evidence of ignorance for Hua Chenyu, which perfectly prevented the possibility that Hua Chenyu did not want children and wanted to kill them

(in connection with the previous melon, in the star marriage and childbirth scandal, the male asked to kill the child, and the public must have corresponding associations

) next, brilliance Weibo distributed a microblog at 5:56 p


to describe the happy relationship between himself and his children, so as to establish his identity as a "good parent" in front of the public and avoid all possible moral inspections

These three steps are just 5 minutes away from each other

Considering the possibility of microblog downtime and the response time of various marketing numbers, the rhythm is very perfect


Have the right to interpret the real process of the event

I said at the beginning that unmarried pregnancies must have moral flaws in stars

Since the results are set, the truth of the process becomes extremely important

Whoever can have the right to explain the process will master the direction of public opinion

Any public relations team knows that the process interpretation right must not be controlled by the marketing number and the Internet users, because the public opinion of the marketing number and the Internet users is disordered and easily distorted

Therefore, after two hours of fermenting public opinion, the whole public relations team roughly grasped the direction that the event process might be misinterpreted

At about 8:30, huachenyu studio Weibo issued a solemn statement to deal with possible rumors and speculation, and reserved the right to investigate legal responsibility

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