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CCTV exposed the black curtain of surrogacy: eggs can be sold, uterus can be rented, and all means are used to give birt

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Original title: CCTV exposed the black curtain of surrogacy: eggs can be sold, uterus can be rented, and the surrogacy and abandonment of a actress surnamed Zheng to give birth to a boy by any means has been searched repeatedly recently

In a recording circulated on the Internet, actress Zheng and her parents have repeatedly said that they would abandon and give away their surrogate children

It is hard to imagine that these people who want to throw their children away like garbage are the children's mothers, grandparents

"The two people are separated

No one can afford to raise the child

Just tell the hospital and give it up

" "These two children really can't be knocked out in seven months

I'm so bored with TMD

" "There is another way, that is, adoption

When you are born, you give it away

You two forget it all

Yes, you forget it all

" China has clearly stipulated in the measures for the administration of human assisted reproductive technology that it is prohibited to trade gametes, zygotes and embryos in any form

Medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogate technology

Surrogacy is not only a trample on women's body and dignity, but also a disregard for life

Let's take a look at the dark scenes of surrogacy exposed by CCTV

"Borrowing" stomach to "pick" eggs is the same as choosing commodities

Many surrogate agencies say that surrogacy can not only "borrow" stomach to have children, but even eggs can be chosen by you

A large proportion of customers "borrow" their stomachs and buy eggs, and intermediaries are also very willing to serve such "high-end" customers

Because these eggs are carefully selected, the favorable rate of surrogacy will be greatly improved

"She's not beautiful at all

She doesn't have double eyelids and her ears are small

What's better is this, but her only drawback is that her chin is a little up

" In a surrogate agency in Guangzhou, the reporter saw that sixorseven girls were being selected by a couple

They looked at their facial features, measured their height and listened to their conversation, just like strictly selecting goods

Because there are many girls selling eggs, the surrogate agency first sends a large number of photos and materials of girls to customers through the Internet, and then directly meets with girls after narrowing the scope

These materials indicate in detail the girl's educational background, family, height, weight, skin color, blood type, and even her menstrual cycle

The intermediary tricked the girls into "donating eggs" and let them sterilize

The reporter found that many girls did not take promoting discharge as one thing and thought it was good to make tens of thousands of yuan

However, when the reporter asked them how to promote the discharge and what harm it did to their health, most of the girls were at a loss

Without knowing the possible risks of promoting ovulation, girls are confused to sell their eggs

The person in charge of a surrogate agency told the reporter with a smile, "it all depends on deception

How can we tell them the harm of promoting the discharge?" Medical experts told reporters that large doses of ovulation induction needles were given before ovulation induction, and the operations in the process of ovulation induction would pose a potential threat to the health of girls

Poor operation will directly affect future fertility and even cause sterilization

In order to obtain greater benefits by all means, many intermediary agencies are doing surrogate business wantonly, and even advertising "Bao Shunli, Bao has a boy of 1million

" Most surrogate mothers come from poor rural families, thinking that as long as they give birth to another child, they can get more than 100000 yuan

They don't think that their pregnant children may be forcibly knocked out by the intermediary because of gender selection

The person in charge of a surrogate agency said that it was very cruel for a boy to make a surrogate bag

Once he found out that it was a girl, he had to have an abortion

"Then immediately arrange another person (surrogate mother)

Once a client did it four times, and the fifth time was the boy

At that time, his face was green

" After long-term contact with surrogate agencies, surrogate mothers who are pregnant and waiting for delivery generally live in various residential areas arranged by the agencies, and special personnel are responsible for their food, housing and transportation

It seems to be an ordinary collective life, but in fact, the surrogate has lost his personal freedom and has become a "machine" for intermediary agencies to make money

How much harm does surrogacy do to the body? It is said that having a child is a dead end, and surrogacy is more harmful to women's bodies

(1) Response to drugs

It includes paroxysmal skin burning, depression or irritability, headache and restlessness

(2) Risk of multiple births

In order to ensure the smooth implantation and survival rate of embryos, they usually implant more embryos during embryo transfer, which will easily form multiple embryos, increase the physical and psychological burden of pregnant women, and bring certain harm to the health of pregnant women

(3) Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

The injection of ovulation promoting drugs may cause the emotional fluctuation of donors, abdominal distension, bowel sounds, ovarian swelling, and temporary menopausal like symptoms (vaginal dryness, fever, etc


The health damage caused by these symptoms is mild compared with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a serious negative effect of ovulation inducing drugs

It may cause permanent organic damage and even death

(4) Risks, impacts and hazards related to reproductive behavior, such as ectopic pregnancy, abortion, amniotic fluid embolism, infection, massive hemorrhage, etc

, as well as various physical and even mental changes brought by pregnancy and childbirth to the surrogate, such as changes in circulatory system and digestive system, changes in skin and abdominal cavity, and possible depression- End- scan QR code to enter the venue ▼▼ responsible editor: