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Baby ignored the rumors of surrogacy and appeared on camera with Huang Xiaoming to celebrate Lu Han's birthday!

2022-10-16 19:47 browse:

More recently, the rumors of baby's surrogacy have become more and more serious

Many people think that baby is like having a baby by means of an abdomen

After all, the performance of baby after giving birth has really refreshed everyone's understanding! How tough! However, Zhuo Wei, the first paparazzi, said that she was "born" to her, which immediately made everyone feel that baby might really be looking for a surrogate! However, baby studio also made a statement, saying that Zhuo Wei should be held legally responsible, and did not explain that he was too lazy to ignore such rumors! It was Lu Han's birthday on the 20th, that is, yesterday

As one of the running men, baby also sent out his blessings

Baby Su Yan recorded a video blessing, and a handful of dog food was sprinkled in the video

The leader Huang Xiaoming also appeared on the camera to bless him

He was very aggressive, young man

Happy birthday! Baby looks at Huang Xiaoming with a crazy face! But many netizens have noticed the mansion of baby and Huang Xiaoming! Baby also jokingly called himself Lu Han

In his pajamas, the plain faced baby doesn't seem to have much energy

Should he be working hard with his baby? What do you think?