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Russian local source surrogacy agency decrypts for you: a picture of Russian surrogacy

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Surrogacy is legal throughout Russia

It has attracted more and more practitioners with its world-class superb medical skills and the advantage of the first cost performance of surrogacy

As an ordinary Chinese patient, he is often more confused after multi-party consultation

Can the difference between the quotations of various intermediaries and translators reach more than 200000? Is it safer to go through intermediary? Can we bypass the intermediary and use the so-called old Mo'er, medical translator and other DIY surrogates? How can we ensure that Russian surrogacy is operated in a safer, lower risk and more economical way? This article will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various methods from the experience of Russian local surrogacy institutions

Can I go to Russia as a surrogate without an intermediary? In the daily inquiry, customers often ask us whether the Chinese Representative Office of Beijing XXX institution or Russia XXX hospital is an intermediary in nature? I can only answer: not an intermediary, what else can it be? There are only two actual surrogacy operators in Russia: reproductive hospitals and surrogacy institutions

Which of the two is the institution in China? There are indeed Chinese funded reproductive hospitals in Russia, but so far, no Chinese has established and operated surrogate institutions in Russia

In other words, Chinese intermediaries do not participate in medical treatment or surrogacy

Their services include translation, booking air tickets, applying for visas and booking accommodation rooms

Smart you can immediately estimate the value of these services, and the Commission of the intermediary generally ranges from 100000 to 200000

That is to say, 99

99% of the fees you pay to the intermediary for the first time in China will remain in China and will not be transferred abroad as their commission

In other words, the commissions of intermediaries have been fully collected since the beginning, because their work has been basically completed

Secondly, making money is a small thing

What is more serious is that once a contract dispute arises, it is not a safe move to use Chinese intermediaries, but it will hinder the protection of rights! This is because you do not directly face the Russian surrogate agency, do not have a direct contract with the surrogate agency, or sign a Russian contract through an intermediary that you do not understand, so it is difficult to protect your rights in Russia

However, surrogacy is not legal in China

Once a dispute arises, the contract between you and the intermediary is invalid in China and will not be accepted by Chinese courts

Your original intention is to provide protection through intermediaries, but the fact is that it is precisely because the intermediary is in the middle that it will create an embarrassing situation for you and your country to safeguard their rights

Fundamentally speaking, what the intermediary earns is only the money of asymmetric information caused by the language barrier between the two countries

So, does it solve the problem to go to Russia through personal translation? This is the second question we want to discuss: is it feasible to go to Russia for surrogacy through personal translation of DIY? I believe that this is a route that most patients have considered

But here, there is a conceptual error, that is, through personal translation ≠ DIY! Personal translation is a personal intermediary, which collects fees from three parties and is not responsible for you! The common routine of personal translators specializing in the surrogacy industry is to quote ultra-low prices

If you carefully consider it, you will understand that his so-called total price is only rough calculation, or even deceptive

As a translator, he or she has no responsibility for you

As long as you listen, believe and come to Russia, his goal has been achieved

As for how much you will spend in the future and whether the surrogate is successful, it has nothing to do with him

The original intention of clients seeking personal translation is to bypass the intermediary to save unnecessary costs

However, the surrogacy process is jointly completed by the client, the hospital and the surrogacy agency

If one party has to be added to this process, it will almost certainly ask for remuneration from the three parties

Secondly, making money is small

What is more serious is that personal translation will almost certainly introduce customers to free range surrogate agencies with higher rebates and higher risks!! The personal translator usually introduces the hospital more to the patient, and avoids or tries not to talk about the surrogate link

As everyone knows, choosing a surrogate institution is far more difficult than choosing a medical hospital

The water must be deep! So, what is a free range surrogate institution? According to the relevant laws and regulations on surrogacy in the Russian Federation, surrogate mothers can go home for surrogacy during pregnancy

So why do a few well-known surrogacy agencies that pay attention to public praise spare no effort to supervise and manage pregnant mothers throughout the process? This is because experience tells us that allowing the pregnant mother to go home during pregnancy will make the supervision out of control, and the risks will be increased by more than five times

Free range pregnant mothers (home surrogacy) save money and trouble, but the possible consequences are that they can not control the pregnant mother's behaviors endangering the fetus, such as persisting in work, engaging in physical labor, having high-risk sex with her husband or even others, taking forbidden drugs during pregnancy, reselling pregnancy nutrients issued by surrogacy agencies, smoking, drinking, staying up late, unhealthy (including high sugar) diet, unhealthy lifestyle, forging pregnancy examination reports, etc

As far as the home surrogacy (free range) model is concerned, its advantages are obvious - the cost of surrogacy is extremely low, and the surrogacy institution only needs to supervise the pregnant mother in the early pregnancy and before delivery; On the other hand, the surrogate mothers in Russia come from all over the world, and the medical insurance can only be enjoyed in the surrogate mother's local area

Therefore, letting them go home for surrogate pregnancy can enable them to carry out free birth inspection in their place of residence, thus saving the cost of birth inspection during pregnancy

If a client questions this supervision model, the personal translator can use this argument to prevaricate you: the surrogate mother is also a human being

She is only working, not in prison

You have no right to supervise them

But what they will never tell you is that there are great risks hidden in this model: for example, if the surrogate mother smokes, drinks alcohol, insists on working, participates in physical labor, has sex with her husband, has high-risk sex with others, takes illegal drugs for pregnant women, eats unhealthy food, resells pregnancy nutrients distributed by the surrogate institution, or even forges pregnancy test reports and other behaviors that endanger the fetus in the womb, there will be no supervision! In extreme cases, pregnant mothers who once went home for surrogacy flew to Cambodia and other visa free Asian countries with Russia before giving birth to resell their children to others, only because the money for reselling the children was higher than the surrogacy fee! It is almost certain that the final pregnancy outcome of the free range nursing supervision mode is likely to be failure, and the patient's precious embryos, precious time and limited expenses are wasted! As a senior surrogate institution in Russia, we can tell you that at present, only two or three surrogate medical centers in Russia adopt the mode of "whole process" supervision of pregnant mothers during pregnancy, and these surrogate centers are all in St

Petersburg! No Moscow family! No Moscow family! No Moscow family! These few better surrogacy agencies have worked closely with well-known Chinese intermediaries

In other words, if you go through a more famous surrogate agency in China, you basically won't encounter a free range surrogate agency

If you look for a local surrogate agency through personal translation, you will almost certainly encounter a free range surrogate agency!!!! How dare you, as an individual, test the waters of a surrogate agency that even Chinese intermediaries who pursue greater interests dare not cooperate?? To sign a contract in pure Russian or with a messy translation, there is no other use but to be cheated! On the contrary, those surrogate agencies that take the "whole process" of pregnancy to supervise the pregnant mother do not put the surrogate mother in prison

For example, the apartments we provide for pregnant mothers are all located around the No

10 obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, and this obstetrics and gynecology hospital will directly transmit the surrogate mother's birth inspection data to us at the first time through its internal system, so there is no possibility of artificial fraud

Each surrogate mother has an independent room, and each apartment has two more pregnant mothers living in it

The living space is very abundant

Surrogate mothers can bring their babies to live together, but no men are allowed to visit

A special female guardianship commissioner is responsible for their daily life, supervising them to take dietary supplements or drugs paid by doctors on time, so as to ensure the nutrition of pregnant mothers and fetuses

High quality and responsible surrogacy institutions will also carry out prenatal education, that is, supervise the pregnant mother to carry out prenatal education, which is something that low-end and low-cost surrogacy institutions would not think about

Later, a mind map was presented to everyone, hoping that through the sketch, the patients could clarify their thinking on the road of seeking children overseas

The design level is limited and only for reference