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Ukraine becomes a country of brothels and surrogacy in Europe

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Recently, a Taiwanese man who spent millions seeking surrogacy in Ukraine was abandoned to seek help, which prompted the government to call on Chinese people to have a sense of risk when looking for surrogacy abroad

Ukraine is a member state of the former Soviet Union and an important military industrial town

However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was manipulated by two powerful powers in Europe, America and Russia due to the uncoordinated ethnic and political disputes

As a result of frequent political turmoil, the people's lives were withered and the economy was in trouble

Young women seeking food and clothing were forced to sell soul meat or rent their wombs to engage in surrogacy

The political and social order in Ukraine is chaotic

Many surrogacy is carried out through illegal channels

Once a dispute arises, it is difficult to resolve it

If there is a need for surrogacy, such high-risk areas should be avoided

In recent years, there have been more and more cases of seeking surrogacy in Ukraine, resulting in many disputes and problems

In addition to the low price of surrogacy, Ukraine is famous for producing beautiful women, which may be one of the reasons why many Chinese choose Ukraine for surrogacy

Among the member states of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine's cultural level and industrial technology are better

In the Soviet era, Russia was called "big Mao" and Ukraine was called "second Mao"

This shows the status of Ukraine in those years

In addition, the southern part of Ukraine almost encircles the Black Sea, which is an important hub of Russia to the Mediterranean

The former Soviet Union deployed the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, Ukraine

After Ukraine's independence, Crimea was forcibly occupied by Russia, which shows the importance of its strategic position

The political disputes that led to the decline of Ukrainian economy came from its ethnic culture and geopolitical structure

Western Ukraine, which accounts for about half of the territory, is mainly Ukrainian, believes in Catholicism, has strong anti Russian sentiment, and is politically inclined to Europe; The other half of eastern Ukraine is mainly Russian, uses Russian, believes in the Eastern Orthodox Church and is politically Pro Russian

NATO continued to expand eastward after the collapse of the former Soviet Union

After the accession of the Czech Republic, Poland and the Baltic States, the next target is Ukraine, which is close to the Russian territory, making this polar bear feel threatened

Because of this geopolitical structure, Ukraine's domestic politics and international relations are bound to be severely pulled and deformed between the two major powers of the United States and Russia

From the perspective of economic factors, when Ukraine became independent in 1991, due to the serious economic backwardness of the former Soviet Union, western Ukraine, which mainly focuses on service industry and commerce, was very eager to join Europe, but eastern Ukraine, which has been pumped by the heavy industry of the Soviet Union for a long time, wanted to join the Russian camp

At the early stage of independence, the Ukrainian economy was depressed

Like Russia, government officials were seriously corrupt, a large number of state-owned assets were illegally transferred or seized by private individuals, and a large number of banknotes were printed when the National Treasury was empty, resulting in an exaggerated inflation rate of 4734

91%。 These individuals who seized state-owned assets later developed into commercial oligarchs and intervened in the political arena

One faction was pro Russian and the other pro European

They fought bitterly in the Ukrainian election, and the ruling power came and went between the two factions

The democratic elections in the early days of Ukraine's independence still followed the rules, and the economy also improved slightly from its decline before independence

However, the struggle between the pro Russian and pro European factions became more and more fierce

The "Orange Revolution" trend that emerged in 2004 was not large at the initial stage, but this street movement type mass movement had a deeper and deeper impact on elections and politics

Until 2014, when the orange revolution trend expanded and violent incidents occurred, the Ukrainian government military and police suppressed and killed 26 people, and the pro Russian Yanukovych fled to Russia

After the re-election, the pro European faction won, but the pro Russian Eastern Ukrainian States launched an independence referendum to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation

The uproar has not yet been resolved

After the "Orange Revolution" drove out the elected president, social unrest intensified, the struggle between the pro Russian and pro European factions became white hot, and anti Russian and anti American emotions were constantly manipulated

The people's livelihood and economy of Ukraine were completely suspended, and serious economic recession occurred for five consecutive years

Over the years, political turmoil and ethnic division have caused social unrest and economic decline in Ukraine

In 2018, Ukraine's per capita GDP was only $3000

Kiev, the capital in better condition, has an expected salary of about 2772 yuan

According to the price of surrogacy in Ukraine found on the Internet, the price handled by the intermediary is about US $40000 (RMB 257000), and the surrogate mother can get about 1

US $50000 (RMB 96000), equivalent to the income of ordinary Ukrainians for three years

In addition to surrogacy, many young Ukrainian women are forced to engage in sex trade due to the extreme economic decline

According to the survey released by the global bank, Ukraine has a higher rate of AIDS infection in Europe, three times that of France, five times that of the Netherlands and 10 times that of Germany

The data show that young people engaged in sex trade have increased significantly

Therefore, there is a European documentary "Ukraine is not a brothel", which focuses on the issue of sex trade in Ukraine

Ukrainians suffer from the decline of people's livelihood and economic recession, and the long-term fierce struggle between the pro Russian and pro European factions has also attracted disgust

This is why the current president Zelensky was elected as president as a comedian, which shows that the Ukrainian people have hated the political chaos of the fierce struggle between the two factions

Zelensky advocated to take the middle line between Russia and the west, but his ruling lacked sufficient contacts and party support, and his ruling path was difficult and his prospects were not promising

Judging from his two-year reign, there is little hope to change Ukraine's mired national destiny